Here’s a shocking secret: men are not that easy to shop for. No matter how long you’ve been with your man, the years don’t make it simpler when it comes to gifting – especially on Valentine’s Day.

Standard go-to’s like store certificates, golf balls, or neckties might have been sufficient in the past but it’s time to up the ante, ladies. Our men aren’t willing to accept the same old gift anymore. Spice up your Valentine’s Day routine with a few more zesty gift items for this romantic day, and celebrate the win all year long.

valentines day gift idea for dad

Grooming Supplies – The non-so-subtle hint that you want your guy to wash with more than just a bar of soap will pay off in the end if you get him something from one of the guy-cult grooming shops like The Art of Shaving.  In the end it’s a win-win; you’ll finally get him using new bath products while gifting him something he’ll actually brag about to his friends.

Gourmet Meals – Your guy has been promising to help more in the kitchen for years, but you’ve stopped holding your breath. Set his big plans to fruition with a little meal-prep help that comes in the form of prepackaged, frozen pieces of heaven. Hungry Hunter frozen dinners are the thing of the ‘90s – today’s meal plans for busy weeknights often use local and organic produce to keep the entire family happy. You’ll get a great meal, and he’ll (finally) feel like he’s contributed.

Concert Tickets – You might hate his taste in football team, cargo pants and sports drinks but once upon a time you two bonded over great music. Find a band that takes you back to those pre-baby years for a night out, just the two of you. The best part about this Valentine’s Day gift is that it doesn’t have to come the day of celebrations – and you’ve got something to look forward to in the month ahead.

Power Tool (or something like that) – If your guy is handy around the home, there’s no better excuse to push him toward the next weekend project than with a Home Depot tool that’ll make it easier on him, and complete the job for me. Whether it’s a wrench, the latest power drill, saw or cordless tool it’ll immediately turn him on toward the next project. Better yet, have a little fun in the lumber yard (aka backyard) learning something new with a DIY project that you can do together.