It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating the first Christmas as parents or the first Christmas as empty-nesters, every family has a Christmas tradition that gets passed between generations. Just as Christmas break begins, we asked our fabulous Moms about the less-traditional route for Christmas morning – opening presents on Christmas is so last season – to give us a little peak into their home come Christmas morning.


I don’t know about you, but our family goes Mexican for Christmas Eve. Every year we get together for tamales, guacamole and salsa mixed in with some favorite Christmas songs and Christmas cookies.


Daphne Church isn’t just about celebrating the season on Christmas morning. “We do 25 days of Christmas since my son in born on Christmas Day. It makes every day a special celebration. What fun to watch a child open a gift every day instead of a free for all!”


Tia L. Perriton-Little says, “We only give 3 gifts each, just like Jesus received only 3: golf, frankincense and murr. So they get one from Mom/Dad, one from Santa and one from each other. Helps the children be more selection about what they want and helps to remind us about our Savior.”


Olga Story and her family stay up until midnight to say “Merry Christmas” right on the dot, and of course, open Christmas gifts.


Monica Dallosta Moses and Mary Robertson both get competitive. Monica doesn’t just put all the Christmas gifts under the tree, but hosts a holiday scavenger hunt to find presents. “It makes for a fun activity that gets everyone involved!” she says. Mary actually plays Bingo on Christmas Eve, with great gag gifts as prizes that have become the annual Christmas tradition.


One of our very own Plum District Mom Rikke Donaldson shares this tradition: “I am from Denmark, and tradition is to celebrate on Christmas Eve. We dance around the tree and sing Christmas songs. Then Santa comes and visits us (We actually have a friend who dresses up each year and comes by our house….my 8 year old is sure to recognize him this year!)”


So tell us…what are your holiday traditions? Do you do something silly, fun or competitive (like these awkward photos)? Share it with us!