Being a Mom is truly the best job. It’s hardly the most glamorous, but it’s always the most rewarding. So when Proctor and Gamble led a “Best Job” campaign in collaboration with the 2012 Summer Olympics that showcased the powerhouse behind each Olympic athlete, we were thrilled here at Plum District.

We always love sharing the power of the Mom. Now it’s your turn to share the power of the individual with your children as the countdown to the 2012 Summer Olympics begins. As the world’s best athletes parade this summer on screen, now is the time to teach them about endurance, strength, fortitude, and passion.

With the backbone of a great Mom like you, children can learn successful characteristics of a determined, dedicated, and powerful athlete — Olympic material or not. Lead a discussion in your house as you catch gymnasts, swimmers, runners, cyclists and others perform.

It’s not hard to get excited about the Summer Olympics — whether your family has decided to make a nightly ritual of watching the athletes perform or you’re planning on throwing a party for the kickoff event on July 27 – the world stage is set for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Go get ‘em, Mom!