Kids love making noise, staying up late, eating fatty foods and celebrating – so why wouldn’t they love New Year’s too? If it’s an event you’ve skipped out on because the kids were too small to understand or too young to stay up past midnight, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to share in an unbelievable experience with the whole family.


This New Year’s Eve, instead of skipping the hootenanny altogether or slipping out the door for an adult-only soiree, throw a bash that all ages can enjoy. We can bet there are a few parents in your same boat, so share the holiday with them too for the ultimate family friendly New Year’s Eve celebration.


Celebrate on Another Time Zone

If you’re lucky enough to live on the West Coast, there’s no harm in celebrating with Ryan Seacrest and New York at 9pm. But that isn’t the only time zone that celebrates a little earlier than the rest of us in the United States. Why not celebrate with the UK? If you’re based on the East Coast New Year’s in London is 6pm, meaning you can all clink glasses – whether they’re filled with champagne or sparkling cider – together.


Games, Food and More Games

Pull out all the stops for the kids, and for yourself, this New Years. Kid’s party activities can range from board games to fun DIY crafts, while you can throw in some adult-only games for family and friends once the kids are put down. Drinking games might seem obsolete but add it to the countdown and it’ll be worth every final minute.

Kids love to make noise, and most of the time you can’t stand it. Let them scream and shout with gusto through the help of New Year’s Eve party noisemakers that do all the talking for them. The afternoon can be spent crafting your very own party noisemakers for a family-friendly activity that will go well into the evening.



Let them be the DJ. Kids will manage to stay up a bit longer, and get the dance floor moving and shaking, if they’ve got tunes they’ll love. Plus, you can turn up the good old oldies once their eyes start to flutter. And with their extra energy and dance moves around 9pm, you’ll be sure to see them snoozing within no time.

Photo Booth

Say cheese! No family friendly party with fun kids party activities would be complete without a photo booth. You don’t need to rent one to have a photography session, just clear out a closet near the living room and put your camera on auto-shoot. Add a few accessories from the kids’ costume closet to make a great addition to all the funny faces.


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