Christmas changed once I had children. Life quickly went from worrying about what clothes to wear for holiday parties and wondering what my hubby would gift me, to doing everything I could to make my child’s face light up on Christmas morning. Now I focus on how to make my family’s holiday memorable.


Our first two Christmases as parents were magical. We had perfectly executed plans – visits to Santa, gifts for our child (and everyone else!), time with family and friends, and delicious holiday treats. Our son was elated by the sheer magnitude of the holidays, and we became confident we would rock every Christmas from there on out.


Planning Christmas number three was similar, but with one significant difference – I was planning as a Mom of two kids.


It was obvious from the start that another seamless Christmas execution wouldn’t happen a third time around from the start. We pulled up to our house after Christmas Eve Mass and heard our house alarm sirens blaring as our relatives stood wide-eyed and flustered in the foyer.


Turning to my husband, I asked, “Who set the alarm?”


It was obvious I had a serious case of Mommy Brain that wasn’t taking a breather for the holidays.


After calls to both the alarm company and impending patrol cars, we settled in to appetizers and holiday portraits. Just as everyone was gathering around for a photo, SLAM. The unsteady walker in our house, my daughter, had tripped. Blood proceeded to gush from her nose, followed by inconsolable tears and cries.


With family pictures tossed aside, it was clear everyone needed a bit of cheering up. We went outside to sprinkle reindeer dust (our own concoction of oatmeal and glitter) on the roof – at the insistence of my son. My cousin propped himself up on the ladder but thanks to a gust of wind was covered in this magical potion.


A great sight for those non-believers, but it only led to more tears as my son kept repeating, “Santa is going to land on Adam, not on our roof! Adam is going to get my cars instead of me!”


Dinner and presents followed without a hitch, until the stomach bug hit my daughter with a vengeance. Oh yes, the stomach bug. I can assure you it was the one item not on Mom’s Christmas list.



Needless to say, our company cleared out pretty quick. Our sleepless night didn’t come from dreams of sugarplums, but consisted of containing “the bug” and assembling and wrapping the last of the gifts (note: never leave to the last minute!). When Christmas morning finally arrived, my daughter’s holiday dress was shoved aside for a more comfortable, yet less photogenic, set of red sweatpants.


We had survived our first Christmas as parents of two. Looking back, it was a day full of Mommy Brain moments and some comical hiccups. It may not have been a perfect Christmas, but it was absolutely one to remember.




Meet blogger Dana of Mastering Mommy Brain. She’s a Plum District subscriber (yay!), a mother of two and an all-around master multi-tasker.