We’ve been all about “Back to School” at Plum District lately, and we’ve come up with some amazing offers for savvy school shoppers. But all this school talk has led to some really interesting discussions about what it means to start a new school year. It seems that across our office, everyone has experienced really different emotions towards going back to school. So we decided to consult the experts—our moms–and get the full report on how everyone feels about the big day.

You and your child are probably equally concerned about the social scene. Nervousness about making friends, being picked on, and fitting in transcends all ages. In fact, 46% of our moms were the most concerned with their student making friends or being bullied. But the largest single concern, coming in at 28%, was whether or not the kids would have a good teacher. Your kid, on the other hand, probably just wants her/him to be “nice.”

Each year of school is a huge step for you and your little ones; it involves a lot of planning and a lot of emotions. We’ve been working just as hard to drum up the best offers to make your life a little easier. But all of our brainstorming begins with what our mothers need. Read below to see the rest of our moms’ report on that big first day. Then let us know what you’re worried about or share some back to school stories! You know we love to hear them.