Last month we launched a campaign to unravel the mysteries of Mom and her feelings about Mother’s Day. Our mission was to know more about what she really wanted on her special day – and if it really did feel “special.” We revealed that Mom is looking for the perfect blend of time for herself and time with her brood on Mother’s Day.

Among the findings:

  •  75 percent claim they would prefer a handmade card over a necklace from Tiffany & Co.®
  • Two thirds prefer to not pick out their own gift
  • 54 percent would choose to spend quality time with their own mother versus 46 percent who would have her babysit the kids

“Some of the things we discovered in our survey were pretty surprising to us, like the fact that only 56 percent of husbands/significant others always remember Mother’s Day,” says Megan Gardner, CEO of Plum District. “What didn’t surprise us is that at the end of the day, moms might crave some ‘me’ time, but their families will always rank first.”

What sort of “me” time is Mom after?

  • Eight out of ten moms would choose to sleep in versus a sunrise breakfast with the kids
  • One third of moms secretly want the day to themselves
  • 52 percent would use an hour to themselves for a massage, while the other 48 percent would go on a bike ride

Plum District didn’t just learn – we’ve listened! We have decided that you deserve more than a day – so we’re dedicating all of May to the “Month of Mom,” or M.O.M.. Moms across the country should expect to find offers that are just for them to enjoy and indulge in, as well as fun activities for the whole family! And to really make things exciting we have partnered with Bethenny Frankel to help make your day! From Monday, May 7, through May 13, you’ll find offers in your local city that will quite literally help you plan the “Perfect Day!” Be sure to check your inbox on Friday, May 4, for a special note and video from Bethenny just to you!