In case you missed it, here’s some BIG news from our CEO: 

The thought of growing and seeing a team reach full potential has always been what gets me out of bed every morning. As CEO of Plum District, I’ve had the pleasure of building a team of women across the country who are as motivating as they are talented; as loving as they are successful; and who are truly dedicated to Making Mom’s Day every single day.

This Spring, I found out I was going to build a different kind of team. I was going to build a family. My wonderfully supportive husband and I are expecting our very first baby this November and….it’s a girl!



As many of you already know, the pregnancy road is a long and winding one. I’ve been fueling my tank with orange juice, a fair bit of spicy food and cupcakes, but what has fueled me the most has been knowing that there are more than one million moms in the Plum District family who have also gone down this same incredible road.

The creative juices are flowing more than ever and as my baby bump as been growing and growing, so has Plum District. In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you better savings, greater brands and other ways to make your day, Mom.

As my family continues to grow, so does ours at Plum District – thank you for being a part of it. 


Plus, now through November 5th enter for a chance to win prizes and more by sharing your BEST PARENTING TIP!