Summer makes us think of one thing – hot, hot, hot weather! This year has been exceptionally warm and toasty for certain parts of the United States and you’re running out of creative ways to beat the beat!  You can’t control Mother Nature, but you can control how you chill out. Here are some tips and ideas to enjoy cooler, more fun summer days without everyone melting!

  • Fill water balloons and chill them in the fridge for a few minutes before breaking into teams for a friendly water fight in the back yard.
  • Turn on the sprinklers and play favorite outdoor games while getting soaked – tag, red rover, soccer and touch football are a few!
  • Tackle those chores! Wash the car and let the kids manage the hose. Everyone is sure to get sprayed!
  • Put your favorite yogurt in the freezer for an hour, then voila! Icy, tasty frozen yogurt. Even yummier – sprinkle dark chocolate chips on top.
  • Fill a pitcher with water and slices of your favorite fruit. Sweet, refreshing and hydrating – the kids will gulp it up like juice, but it doesn’t have all that sugar!
  • On warm nights, set up the tent and have a good old fashioned camp out.
  • Most local ice rinks stay open year-round. Dig out the long sleeve shirts and go for an afternoon or arctic fun!
  • When you go to the beach, station your chair in the surf so the water washes up to your feet every time.
  • Inflate the baby pools and unfold the slip and slides. Gather with neighbors and dump bath toys in each pool, so all the kids can play and splash.
  • Instead of cranking up your A/C at home, stroll through the mall or catch the hot new summer flick at the theater.
  • And last, but definitely not least, nothing beats a cannonball or diving competition in the neighborhood pool!

We’d love to know how your family creatively beats the heat. Let us know!