Christmas morning can be pretty hectic, especially with little ones running around. If you don’t have a 5am wakeup call, then Santa hasn’t done his job right. So we expect Christmas morning breakfast is often whipped together at the last minute, surrounded by the clatter of new toys and wrapping paper to be recycled.

We know you’ve got a lot to plan ahead of the big Christmas day, but that doesn’t mean the family should skimp out on great and simple breakfast ideas post-presents. This year, plan a spectacular and easy Christmas morning brunch that will satisfy everyone’s tummies.


Breakfast Bread Pudding {Recipe}

We aren’t saying Christmas morning brunch shouldn’t be without a little indulgence – after all your hard work, you deserve a little treat. This easy recipe for breakfast bread pudding combines some of our favorite comfort ingredients like Challah bread, cream, cinnamon and nuts for a sweet alternative to pancakes or toast. Plus, let the flavors sink in overnight so all you need to do on Christmas morning is pop it in the oven!

 Mini Frittatas {Recipe}

Giada makes one of our favorite egg fritters recipe – mostly because it’s a simple recipe that works with whatever is in your fridge. The kids can pick up these little bits of heaven with their hands while running around on a sugar high. Simply throw everything into a big bowl – from cheese to leftover turkey from Christmas Eve, onions, vegetables or whatever you can think of – and distribute throughout muffin tins (we prefer using a larger size and adding a few extra minutes on her recipe for a heartier entree). You’ll find that in just 30 minutes these individual frittatas are ideal when the kids won’t sit still after Santa’s surprised them with everything on their Christmas list.


Banana Breakfast Sandwich {Recipe}

When there is a slew of Christmas cookies in front of them, it’s hard to get the kiddos to loosen their grip on sugar. Adapted from Tyler Florence’s “Start Fresh” cookbook about healthy eating and living with kids, this sweet morning treat slips in a dose of healthy nutrients to keep them going through the New Year. We aren’t admitting there isn’t a bit of sugar in here, but since we know you’re an expert at frying bread together, we know it’s easy enough to do in your sleep (which you’ll probably wish you’d be doing after such an early wakeup call).


Citrus Salad with Coconut and Syrup {Recipe}

While we like to think we’re immune to calories during the holidays, it’s just not the case. To cure our sweet tooth while also adding a punch of zesty flavor and color to your Christmas morning brunch, we suggest a festive fruit salad. While we’ve spotted Pinterest recipes that organize fruit into a Christmas tree or snowman tin, we know you’ve got a little more class than that. So we scoured the web for a mature fruit salad fit enough for Country Living, that combined coconut shavings and maple syrup. Yes, we said maple syrup. That means even more deliciousness to go around the kids will want to sink their teeth into – plus you’ll be doubling up on syrup with a pancake or breakfast bread pudding also likely topping the table.