Blue Apron: Gourmet Meal Kit Delivery – 35% Off Your First Order!


Blue Apron delivers weekly recipes and all the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients you need to cook gourmet meals at home.


Why does Plum District love Blue Apron?

They do all the recipe planning and shopping so you can do more of what you love: cooking at home with your family! In addition to saving time, Blue Apron teaches you and your little chefs how to prepare new, delicious meals — helping you broaden your cooking skills and bring fresh variety to the table.

Today, Blue Apron is offering an exclusive 35% OFF your first box (under $7 per meal!)click here to sign up and bon appétit!




FlexJobs: Find a Flexible Work-from-Home Job + Special Offer for Plum Members!

flexjobs2 is the leading career-finding website for telecommuting and flexible jobs.  With, moms can have it all.

In 2007, Sara Sutton Fell was looking for a flexible job after being laid off. Since she was starting a family — and was seven months pregnant with her first child — she wanted a job that was in line with her career and would allow for flexible options like telecommuting. Sutton Fell knew these jobs existed but was overwhelmed by the countless scams online. That’s when the idea for FlexJobs came to her: A place where job seekers like herself could find professional-level, legitimate work-from-home jobs and flexible work options, all in one place, without scams or ads.

Since then, FlexJobs has helped over 680,000 job seekers in their search for flexible work options and work-life balance. Shakira W., a mother of six from Charlotte, North Carolina, started using FlexJobs after seeing the company featured on Good Morning America. She found a full-time work-from-home job with Convergys, a customer and human resources management firm based in Ohio.

“I had been looking for a work-from-home job for years. When I saw FlexJobs on Good Morning America, I knew it was for me. I was blessed to receive a full-time, work-from-home job that’s not only great for my family but is also with a reputable company. It gives me the chance to be at home with my children—especially the younger ones—and prepare dinner on my lunch break, all while fulfilling my desire to have a job and be confident in knowing that I did it.”

Today, FlexJobs is here with a special offer just for Plum Moms: 50% OFF a 3- or 12-month subscription – click here!


Healthy Living Sweepstakes: WIN $100 at Gaiam + $250 at Whole Foods Market!


Gaiam is a leading lifestyle brand, offering a full range of solutions for healthy and sustainable living.

Today, they’re here with a special giveaway for Plum Members: a chance to WIN $100 at + $250 at Whole Foods Market*! All entrants will also receive 25% OFF + free shipping on orders over $50 – use code 25Plum at checkout.

We love Gaiam for 3 main reasons: video

  1. At-Home Fitness: Gaiam simplifies our workout routine, bringing the solutions to us
  2. Everything You Need: Discover a huge assortment for yoga, cardio, and strength training
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Enjoy hassle-free returns and exchanges for any item, any time

Shop everything from premium fitness equipment and earth-friendly clothing to eco-chic home goods!

Live your resolutions – with help from Gaiam.

*You must enter the giveaway by 1/31/14. Winner is announced 2/5/15.


Citrus Lane: Happy Moments Delivered to Your Doorstep + Exclusive Offer for Plum Members!


Founded by a mom of 2, Citrus Lane’s award-winning monthly subscription helps parents discover the best toys, books, and practical solutions for their little ones’ changing needs – from pregnancy to preschool. Each box contains 4 to 5 mom-recommended products that help parents discover what they need next and delight their children every month!

We love Citrus Lane for three main reasons:

  • Parent-Selected: Products are chosen by real parents to solve real problems
  • Personalized: Citrus Lane grows with your little one — each box is curated to their age and stage
  • Convenient: All subscriptions include free shipping – provide for your family without leaving the house!

Today, Citrus Lane’s offering Plum Members 2 exclusive offers:

  • 6 monthly boxes for the price of 4 (only $16 per box!) - order here and use code PlumGet6 at checkout
  • 3 monthly boxes for the price of 2 (under $20 per box!) - order here and use code PlumGet3 at checkout

Enjoy discovering the best for you and your growing child.




Plum District’s Best of 2013!


We’re delighted to share Plum Members’ favorite offers from this past year. Check back with us all week long to enjoy this year’s favorites!

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you this week:

Thursday, December 26th

Over 1,000 Sold! The Radio Flyer Build-a-Wagon


We love toys that stand the test of time and offer endless play! This all-time favorite will be well-loved by your little ones for years to come!

Over 1,000 Sold! Just $15 for Zoobies, Zootles, or Zoobooks Subscription + Free Shipping


We love that Zoobooks keeps our little ones busy learning about something they love: animals and the natural world!

Over 1300 Sold! Just $12: Hair Ties in 24 Assorted Colors – Great Stocking Stuffer!


Here’s a golden opportunity to save on these super popular hair ties! Keep your little one’s hair out of her face without leaving a crease – an adorable accessory that is both stylish and functional!

Curriculum-Based, Learning Games Mobile App


We want our little students to succeed – but also enjoy the learning process! Here’s a tried and proven way to help them get ahead while having fun!

Friday, December 27th

Bestseller! The Joybay Original Swing Car + Lifetime Warranty


Our little ones have inexhaustible energy! This kid-powered car meets their need for speed – and we don’t have to worry about batteries or motors dying!

Over 1,300 Sold! Just $10: Assorted Hair Coloring Chalks – Great for Celebrations and Slumber Parties


We love that this temporary hair chalk lets our kids play with colored hair without the serious commitment and expense!

Over 1,400 Sold! Just $12: TIME Magazine Feature: Curated Products for Moms, Babies, & Toddlers


Researching the best baby products is an overwhelming task! With Bluum, experts do the leg work for us – all we have to do is try and discover new favorites!

Over 700 Sold! Starting at $4.99: GAP, CrewCuts, Janie and Jack, Mini Boden, Hanna Andersson, and More


Our little ones grow fast! Moxie Jean helps us dress them for all occasions without breaking the bank. Endless variety for all our needs!

Saturday, December 28th

Over 1000 Sold! LEGOLAND/SEA LIFE ® Aquarium 2-Day Tickets + 2 Nights at Grand Pacific Palisades Resort and Hotel


A family-favorite vacation plus hundreds in savings! Now we can enjoy a top destination in the New Year – with everything included – for a fraction of the normal cost!

Over 1,300 Sold! Highlights Magazines – Fun with a Purpose™ Stories and Activities for Kids and Parents


We love introducing our little ones to new things. Highlights reinforces our special bond in these early years as we share stories and learn together!

Mini Book of Names and Faces – Teach Kids About Important People in Their Lives!


We’re well aware of how difficult it can be to keep people’s names straight – and it’s even harder for our little learners! We love that this book helps them recognize important family members without us having to point out who’s who!

Magic School Bus Award-Winning Science Kits – Learn About Slime, Microscopes, and More!


Our young scientists are always looking for the next experiment! These exciting kits supplement their learning right at home, providing hours of fun and entertainment!

Sunday, December 29th

Sold Out in 1 Day! Pierce-Free Earrings – Many Fun Designs


We love that even the youngest of our little girls can be extra fancy! The perfect way for her to be grown up, even when they aren’t quite ready for the real things!

Just $10: Chill Towels – Cool Down after Play Time + Alleviate Fevers!


We love to grab these towels for a quick cool-down! Simply wet them before you head to the field, and the towels will be ready to use for the entire game!

Up to 77% Off: Stone Slates Custom Photo  - Beautiful Gifts and Home Decor!


We love this new way to display our favorite photos of our little ones! Perfect for smaller spaces – from the nursery shelf to the top of your desk – bring your favorite photo with you anywhere.

Just $14: Silly Slippeez + Free Shipping


If you’re like us, you have one (or two!) little ones always running around in their birthday suits – even though it’s winter! We love how these fuzzy animals slippers jump and sashay down our hallways creating playtime and giggles for all – while keeping little feet warm!

Safe, Life-Size Building Bricks –  Great for Interactive Family Fun!


We love that the whole family can build together with these ginormous blocks! They help our little ones develop fine motor skills while we get to be a little more creative ourselves – the entire set is just the right size for all family members to enjoy!

Soft-Grip, Adjustable Headbands – Great for Sports Practice & Everyday Wear!


We love headbands for all occasions – but too often they slip off or feel tight! This ultra-comfortable style stays in place – with designs for every taste!

Monday, December 20th

Just $12: National Geographic Kids and Little Kids Subcription


On-the-go entertainment (and learning) at it’s best! We love keeping our little ones engaged with National Geographic’s fascinating facts and visually-rich content.

Just $9: Peel-and-Stick Chalkboards + Free Shipping – Great for Art, Math Practice, and Chore Lists!


Sometimes our little scribbling enthusiasts take their crayons to the wall – a painful sight! We love that these chalkboards turn any surface into a drawing space for children of all ages!

Tuesday, December 31st

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice: Galaxy Shooters for New Year’s Eve


We love treating our family to a good show any night of the week! These moon shooters leave everyone in awe – a fun, magical way to spend family time!

Only $98 for 2 Roundtrip Flights to Hawaii + Famous Attraction Tickets & Inter-Island Travel Options! ($1,300 Value) + BOGO Bonus


Hawaii’s a gem that attracts us all – but the cost to get there is usually too much to spare! This incredible offer gives us all the opportunity to thrill our families with warm beaches and crystal waters.

Family Choice Awards Winner: Hands-On Kids’ Activities + Family Crafts


The Happy Trunk eliminates hours boredom and dull moments! These all-inclusive kits mean the fun can start as soon as the box arrives!

Over 700 Sold in 2013! Fresh Seafood and Meat, Delivered – Treat Your Family to a Memorable Meal


Not all of us have easy access to a variety of fresh seafood! Now we can all enjoy a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of our home!



Introducing PLAE Kids’ Shoes! Free Gift + WIN Free PLAE Shoes for a Year!


Plum District is thrilled to introduce Plum Members to PLAE  - a top-quality line of kids’ shoes designed using biometric science to support healthy foot growth.

Dad, Founder, and Designer Ryan Ringholz – the creative guru behind Puma, Diesel, and UGG – brings his expertise in making premium products to PLAE.  He’s preparing soles for the next generation, fusing kid-centric design with technology to champion a fun, active, and imaginative lifestyle for little ones of all ages. Their shoes feature one-of-a-kind, interchangeable tabs (straps) that turn any one pair into many to match holiday and winter outfits!

Plum District loves PLAE shoes for three main reasons. They’re:plae-shoes-4


  1. High Quality: Uniquely engineered with premium, eco-friendly leather, suede, and removable insoles
  2. Protective: Scientifically designed to be flexible and promote the natural development of kids’ feet

  3. Customizable: Interchangeable tabs (straps) allow endless new looks – a value parents love and variety kids crave



Today, Plum Members can enter to WIN free PLAE shoes for a year (a $500 value) – plus, enjoy a FREE Tab Gift Pak (4 pairs – a $25 value!) with any shoe order PLUS free shippingClick here to shop and add any Tab Gift Pak to your cart.  Use code PLMTAB at checkout.


Holiday Sweepstakes – Thank You to our Plum Fans and Amazing Brands!

Our first ever Holiday Sweepstakes was a HUGE success! We are thrilled that we could make the holiday season even more memorable for our lucky winners. Throughout November and December, we awarded $15,000 worth of prizes to 110 wonderful families! Plum would also like to give a special ’thank you’ to the 25 amazing, mom-loved brands that contributed merchandise. Thank you, again, to all who participated. Keep an eye on your Plum email for our next giveaway! Below are the winners and some responses – our favorite part of the entire sweepstakes:

Week One Winners

$100 Gift Certificate to The Honest Company (5)

Katie Davison, Suzanne Lehfeldt Kirk, Candace George, Anthony Schartner, Tammy Shuman

$100 Gift Certificate to Lakeshore Learning (5)

Sara Demko, Hly Vang, Sheila Vives, Jennifer Robertson, Lori Richardson

          “I did receive my gift certificate from the merchant and it could not have been a more perfect prize. I adopted a family to help out for Christmas and the prize I received will be perfect for their 3 young children.” – Sheila 

3-Month Subscription to Citrus Lane + $25 Gift Certificate (5)

Marsha Heiderman, Caitlin Ayers, Jessica Moy, Steven Patton, Katherine Chess

          “I was contacted by Citrus Lane. They seem great and I appreciate your fantastic give-a-way. Let me know if you need any additional information or help. I have already directed a few friends to your page.” – Caitlin

$100 Gift Certificate to ODIZ Baby Supply (3)

Stephanie Ansell, Merle Clifford, Elsa Salcido

Kinderfeets Wooden Push Bike (5)

Natasha Li, Stephanie Law, Heather Kimberling, Daphne Trumps, Michelle Taylor

          “Happy Thanksgiving! Just to let you know that I am in receipt of my lovely Kinderfeets Pushbike. Once again, thank you for picking me as one of your winners!  The Pushbike is just the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I know I shall have a very happy niece at Christmas!” – Michelle 

“I want to thank Plum District for holding this contest – you guys are going to make a 2 year old very happy this Christmas! :)” – Stephanie

Mud Pie Gift Basket (5)

Renee Pustover, Wendy Budrow, Bettina Bradshaw, Nichole Savage, Sarah Blevins

$100 Gift Certificate to Frecklebox (5)

Beth Hockran, Traci Ellis, Shanna Bailes, Brenda Engel, Linda Tracy-Soma

  “I did receive the electronic gift card, thank you so much, can’t wait to use it!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Once again thank you.” – Linda

Week Two Winners

6-Month Subscription to Nature Box (5)

Kara Kjellman, Sarah Jiang, Laura Cherevchenk, Terri Grey, Jeremy McLaughlin

$100 Gift Certificate to Bliss Living (5)

Stacey Quinn, Sheri Mousel, Maura Devine, Tara Oshinski, Deb Cohen

          “Thank you so much! I rarely win anything so thank you! I’m very excited!” – Maura

$100 Gift Certificate to Mother’s 3rd Arm (4)

Lizee McMillian, Rachel Kulis, Kimberly Shults-Smith, Julie Cover

UNREAL Candy Gift Basket (5)

Michele Behlen, Kim Putz, Tracey Maurer, Nancy Lee Musser, Robert Ward

          “Plum District has a great web site. Come and check it out. Great giveaways and prizes. Love to win” – Michele

Keekaroo High Chair (2)

Chris Cioban, Mark Watford

          “Whoohooo!!! Thank you so much! We were actually looking for a highchair, our 3 months old is soon gonna need one! Just in time for Christmas! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, and thank you even more for making me a winner!” – Chris

Keekaroo Cafe Booster (1)

Nancy Morrell

Apple Park Gift Basket (5)

Sarah Shackelford, Kim Kihega, Spring Stracener, Dawn Schmidt, Carey Parks

$100 Gift Certificate to Little Tikes (2)

Ronald Bartlett, Kimmy Moore

          “Oh my gosh i won. Thank you,you are great.M great nieces & nephew are gonna have a great chrismas. Thank you” – Ronald

Little Tikes Thunder Pony (1)

Shannon Pickin

Little Tikes Kitchen (1)

Sharon Whitaker

Little Tikes Art Station + Blabberez (1)

Susan Kaye Kiser

Phil & Ted’s Navigator Stroller + Seat (1)

Rehana McClean

“Amazing, thank you so much!! I have twins and our current stroller is falling apart…this is so exciting!! – Rehana

Week Three Winners

6-Month Subscription to Little Tikes (5)

Laura Miller, Stacy Coleman, Erin Johnson-Pina, Daphne Scott, Alison Koons

10-pack of Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens™ Reusable Snack and Everything Bags (5)

Jari Wietfeldt, Terri Wilson, Erin Conaway, Randy Fulgham, Aaron Reck

See’s Candy Gift Baskets (5)

Wanda Williams, Kristen Hope, Jean Choi, Jamie Gentile, Deanna McFarland

          “Thank you so much Plum District I can’t wait to receive my Sees gift basket. I just saw the email I almost missed it. Thank you all so much. Happy Holidays to all” – Deanna

$100 Gift Certificate to Joovy (5)

Vicki Spokes, Brieanne Hilton, Cari Knottes, Amanda Tucker, Frances Linn

     “We won the Joovy gift card last week–thank you!” – Brieanne

$100 Gift Certificate to SoCo Vintage (5)

Lynn Estep, Audrey Golden, Stephanie Jensen, Summer Grubbs, Erin Varilone

$100 Gift Certificate to Radio Flyer (5)

Tricia Portugal, Gary Liang, Joanne Dragunoff, Malissa Wood, Staci Nouri

Clek Booster Seat (5)

Christian Earnhart, Pooravi Gohill, Michelle Hill, Laura Knight, Alison Schenebeck

          “I won a booster seat from Clek so happy my 4 year old is ready to get into the big boy seat. Perfect win thanks so much!” – Michelle

Grand Prize Week Winners

$500 Gift Certificate to Zappos (3)

Roxane Chahine, Jonna Reule Ziniel, Tiffany Ann Frye

          “When I got the email, I screamed… very loud! My kids came running down the stairs” – Tiffany

1-Year Supply of Diapers from The Honest Company (1)

Jenn Sagotsky

          “Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH!  Our family is so, so excited and happy about this!   You have made our year! – Jenn

1-Year Supply of Home Products from The Honest Company (1)

Melisa Carlsen

          “Thank you so much for the amazing products you and your company continue to introduce me and my family to! We love love love The Honest Co and couldn’t be any happier! Have a wonderful holiday season!” - Melisa 

$500 Gift Certificate to Mini Boden (3)

Lindsay Lebowitz, Makayla Felipe, Ashley Cossette

          “Thank you guys so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!! You guys are amazing!!!!” – Ashley



Win a $500 Visa Gift Card + Free YEAR of NatureBox Wholesome Snacks! Plus, a Special Discount for Plum Members


NatureBox delivers delicious, nutritionist-approved and kid-tested bites to your doorstep every month. Families love receiving their monthly NatureBox; it’s a present full of delicious surprises! NatureBox makes wholesome snacking easy for the holiday season and to kick off the New Year.

At Plum District, we love NatureBox for three reasons:

  • Festive Treats: A nice alternative to holiday sweets, NatureBox snacks are minimally processed with 0g trans fat and no artificial ingredients
  • Holiday Convenience: Perfect for the busy holidays, their resealable zip-top bags make on-the-go snacking easy!
  • Seasonal Favorites: Little ones love their new varieties like Cherry Berry Bonanza and Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Stash NatureBox snacks in your car, open up a bag for movie night or after before sports practice, and bring some with you for holiday travel to keep your family fueled and happy.

Today, Plum Members can enter for a chance to WIN a $500 Visa Gift Card and FREE YEAR of NatureBox — plus, enjoy an exclusive 50% off your first NatureBox order (any box size!) with code PLUM50 at checkout. Shipping is always free!



Win a Family Vacation to Belize + Save 15% Off Any Little Passports Subscription!


Founded by two San Francisco-based moms, Little Passports is an award-winning monthly subscription that takes children on an exciting adventure around the globe or United States.

Today, they’re here with an incredible giveaway for Plum Members – a family vacation to Belize! Click here to enter for a chance to win.

  • The trip includes a 5-night stay in a 2-bedroom beach house at the luxurious Hopkins Bay Resort, plus 3 educational family excursions: snorkeling around the Belize Barrier Reef, a kayak tour, and a village immersion tour by bicycle. The trip is worth $4,000 value – and you’ll receive an additional $1,000 airfare credit!

They’re also offering an exclusive 15% OFF a Little Passports subscription. Sign up for the World or USA Edition, and follow pen pals Sam and Sofia as they send monthly travel packages that teach little ones about geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.  

We love Little Passports for three big reasons:

  1. Educational: Each month teaches your child about a new country or two new states, including it’s capital, landmarks, fun facts, and more. Inspire a love and understanding of the world and our nation.

  2. Kid-Loved Characters: Pen pals Sam and Sofia are fun to follow and children love receiving their monthly travel letter.

  3. Fully Inclusive: First month includes everything your child needs to get started (a suitcase, passport, USA field guide, and more – depending on subscription). Souvenirs, photos, and online activities arrive each following month!

Click here to save 15% OFF Little Passports’ World or USA Edition!




Personalized Storybooks with Illustrations by Harry Potter® Artist + 25% Discount


I See Me! creates award-winning, personalized storybooks that quickly become a bedtime favorite. Filled with beautiful illustrations and well-written stories that incorporate your child’s name, these books make memorable gifts that’ll be cherished for years to come.

Choose from favorites like My Very Merry Christmas, My Very Own Pirate Tale, and My Very Happy Birthday among many other bestsellers. And don’t miss their NEW Goodnight Little Me, written by award-winning children’s book author Jen Dewing and brought to life with illustrations by Mary GrandPre’ – award-winning artist of the Harry Potter® series.

Mommy blogger Shannon, of, recently personalized Goodnight Little Me for her son, Alex. Since the book’s arrival, Alex has requested it be read several times each night, mentioning that he loves seeing his name written in the stars. Read Shannon’s great review of Goodnight Little Me here. 

Create your very own I See Me! storybook today, and leave a lasting impression on your little ones this holiday season.

Order now in time for Christmas delivery, and don’t miss today’s Plum Coupon for 25% OFF personalized board books from I See Me! - featuring thick, durable pages perfect for little, exploring hands!