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I just returned from two weeks of travel visiting our local district nationwide and I think I have the best job in the world!  As I travel around the nation meeting with our District Representatives, I’m reminded about the power of “the mom”.  We have recruited hundreds of moms across the country to build Plum District in their local communities.  I love hearing their stories about their families and why they joined the Plum team.  These women are the core of our business — we are literally by moms, for moms.  They are sourcing the very best deals and building our subscribers while engaging parenting groups, local PR and non-profit organizations.  What’s amazing is that we’re basically paying these women to do what they doing anyway–spreading the word about the very best deals (both online and offline) and making their local communities a better place for their kids.  Many are looking for something to fill time and bring in extra dollars because their children are now back in school.  All have sales and marketing experience and are eager to start building their “plum” business.  In early September, we launched our affiliate program which is another way for local non-profits, schools and PTAs to earn money and partner with Plum District.  The response has been overwhelming and we already have 550+ affiliates signed up after a couple of weeks.  If you’re a mom and are looking to earn $$s–check out Plum District Jobs to learn more about our District Representative program.

Now Featuring Facebook Connect

We recently added Facebook Connect to Plum District. This allows you to login to Plum District with one click by using your Facebook account whether you are new to The District or a long time user. One less username and password to create and remember.

The First Time You Login

Here’s how it works the first time you login with Facebook Connect:

1. Click the Facebook Connect icon whenever you need to login to Plum District–either from the header of our site or on the login page when you buy, refer friends, or view your account.

2. If you are not already logged into Facebook on your computer, you will be presented with the Facebook login screen. If you are logged into Facebook, you’ll go straight to #3 below.

3. Facebook will ask you for your permission to share information with Plum District. Click Allow to share this information with us (or Don’t Allow if you don’t want to).Facebook Request Persmission Screen

What Permissions Are We Asking For?

We ask for the basic information that your Facebook account is set to share with Everyone, so we are not collecting anything you haven’t already made public. The key info that we use to deliver our service to are the following:

  • Name: Your first and last name which we need when you buy a deal.
  • Gender: We use this data in aggregate so that we know our audience by percent female versus male.
  • Send Email: This is to for send you the daily deal for the District(s) to which subscribe and to send a confirmation email when you buy on our site or earn Plum Dollars from referring friends.

The Second and Subsequent Times You Login with Facebook Connect

Any subsequent time that you want to login to Plum District, simply click the Facebook Connect icon, and (if you are logged into Facebook on your computer), wham! You are logged in to Plum District. One click. No typing.

If you are not logged into Facebook, just enter your Facebook username and password on the login screen, then, wham! One click. A little typing.

We’re excited to offer you this simple, fast, and easy way to join the District!

Big News in the Big Apple

Plum Moms,

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the #1 source for all things mommy in New York City….Big City Moms! We’ve teamed up with our personal favorite go-to resource for moms in the city.  Make sure to check out their Parenting Center for expert tips on everything from sleep to discipline to fun things to do with your kids.  And take a peak at BCM picks for awesome packing lists and guides for parents.

With all of their expertise on parenting in the city, we had to team up!  We’re going to be featuring some of Big City Moms’ favorite picks for the best things to do, see, eat, and experience for moms and families in NYC–starting with our current New York City: Uptown deal, $49 for Five Playground Passes + $40 Voucher for the Boutique at apple seeds – a $240 Value.

Big City Moms Logo

$20 for 4 Movie Tickets and a FREE Screening for San Francisco Movie Go-ers

Tomorrow we will be running a deal for 4 movie tickets for $20 with Weekly Cinema,the #1 movie club in America. The tickets are good at 99% of all theaters across the country, and you don’t have to use all the tickets at once.

As an added bonus for San Francisco movie go-ers, Weekly Cinema and Plum Districts are sponsoring a FREE screening of Secretariat, Disney’s uplifting new movie about a Triple Crown racehorse, at AMC Van Ness theaters on Saturday October 9th at 2pm. To be admitted, bring a copy of your voucher to the theater as proof of purchase (you will not have to use voucher, as movie is free). Purchasers may bring 1 guest, and seating is limited to availability and is first come first served.

I can’t remember the last time I paid $5 for a movie ticket!!! Tell all your friends about this great deal!

How the Refer a Friend Program Works

There seems to be some misinformation that has spread about how Refer a Friend programs work, in general, and the Plum District Refer a Friend program, in particular. I want to clarify how it works (and why).

In short, it works this way:

  1. You visit our Refer a Friend page and send email invites to your friends.
  2. If your friends click the link in your email and sign-up, you get $10 Plum Dollars as a reward for referring them.
  3. If they purchase within 7 days of you sending the invite, they get $5 Plum Dollars towards that first purchase.

We can only award Plum Dollars if your friends click that link in your invite email. It’s how we know for certain that you referred them. Because we know the date/time that you sent the invite (because you did it from our site), we know if their first purchase is in the 7 day time limit.

Why Don’t My Friends Get $5 Plum Dollars if they click my Facebook or Twitter link?

If you send your invites via Facebook or Twitter, your friends can’t get the $5 Plum Dollars because, unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter don’t provide us a means to know the date/time of when your post or tweet goes up. Thus, we have now way of knowing if your friend’s purchase is within the 7 day window. You, however, still get $10 Plum Dollars whenever they make their first purchase because we do know that you referred them.

Neither you nor your friends get Plum Dollars when you write in to Customer Support and tell us that so and so referred you or that you referred so and so and they made a purchase. We would really love to help you, but we can’t do it without the link tracking in place that verifies referrals. Sorry. A few bad apples spoiled this method years ago when Refer a Friend programs were new to the Internet.

Why Don’t I or My Friends Get Plum Dollars When the deal is a Plum Steal?

Plum Steals are special deals that we negotiate with the vendor. Their such great deals for you that in order for us to cover our costs, we can’t allow Plum Dollars to be used. We’re a for-profit  start-up with limited means. We need the cash from these deals to pay our bills. Sorry. On the positive side, at least we are able to offer these great deals in the first place, and we’re awfully thankful that you like them enough to tell your friends. is Now Sold Out is sold out

Thanks to the thousands of you who purchased the deal today, and sorry to those of you who missed it! We only had (an undisclosed) several thousand of them to sell, and we SOLD OUT! is sold out

Coming Up Tomorrow:

I want to give you a sneak peek of a deal that is coming tomorrow because it’s a big one: half off diapers at! The deal will be $20 for $40 worth of diapers. This is going to be our sole deal…front and center and it is being offered nationwide.

Happy buying! Deal Image

Welcome to the Plum District Blog

What is Plum District, anyway? We have recruited moms across the country to build Plum District in their local communities to bring you the deals that help you to treat your family and reward yourself.

Membership in the District is free and to subscribe is fast and easy. Be sure to invite your friends to join, too. You can earn $10 Plum Dollars for every friend that you refer who makes a purchase. Those Plum Dollars can be used toward the purchase of your deals.

We’re headquartered in San Francisco  (where we launched earlier this year in May) and led by a team of  e-commerce and business veterans, most of us women and one of us a Dad. We’re committed to bringing Moms the best experience possible.