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Andrea Fellman is an LA-based mom who is the blogger behind Sassy Savvy Moms. Be sure to check out Savvy Sassy Moms here for more savvy style tips and fun family ideas!

I went on a Savvy Sassy mission with my kids over the weekend to the Little Rockstars Salon, where my kids got the VIP treatment!

It’s places like this fun salon that Plum District offers exclusive daily deals for savvy Moms!   Plum District is a great resource for moms that want to take advantage of all the fun things to do and see in their cities but for a fraction of the cost.  It not only has super kid-friendly deals but ones just for Moms too, because they know we need our ME time!

You can buy deals on everything from jewelry, yoga classes, to wine bars, and special events. It makes it really easy to plan where to go for a Mom’s night out or what to do on a Saturday with the family!  It’s a great tool that helps me with the never ending question “What should we do or where should we go?”

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Guest Post – Home by Heidi

Who doesn’t need a change of scenery sometimes, especially in the home?

Hi Everyone!
I am SUPER excited to be here today on Plum District!
I’m Heidi, the girl behind Home by Heidi, nice to meet you!

Home by Heidi (HBH) is a colorful design blog that truly has something for everyone – from fun tips and tricks to simple inspiration and creativity!
HBH covers everything from DIY projects, paint, decorating, trim ideas and so much more.
I’d love if you would stop by sometime and say Hi! :)
Today, I am excited to share My TOP 5 STEPS on how to transform any 
room for under $100.  

The truth is, who doesn’t need a change of scenery sometimes, especially in the home? But then, we look at our bank accounts and realize that our dreams of the perfectly revamped room might be more of a financial nightmare. What I say to this, my friends, is THINK AGAIN … avoid the pitfall of believing a big transformation must come with a huge price tag.
Here are 5 ways and a few simple steps to transform your living space 
into your DREAM room!!!
STEP ONE: Get ‘er out of there!
Start from the beginning and clear the room completely! Remove all of your accessories, knickknacks, lamps, art, rugs etc. Clear your room, and by default you clear your head for new inspiration for the space. Just changing a lamp or even a lamp shade can give a room a brighter and totally different look. Also consider changing where items are hung on the wall. Or better yet, revamp old frames or small tables with a new punch of color! A $2.00 can of spray paint will make all the difference in the world!

Check out this before and After!

STEP TWO: Put Some “Pretty” On It!

PAINT!!!  For a small amount of cash, you can buy a gallon of paint that will turn your walls from boring to BRILLIANT!  By changing the hue of a room, even if it’s only a couple of shades darker, you can make a bold statement and get a much bigger bang for your buck!  Also, consider doing an accent wall.  In my home I have done a number of accent walls with trim, but you can create the same affect on a shoe-string budget by simply painting an accent wall to give you a new focal point.  Also consider adding crown molding to the look for a rich and classy look. You would be surprised at how affordable it can be to do it yourself.

 In this picture Chalk Board paint was used for the accent wall.

Here is a Before and After paint job…I’m just saying ;)

STEP THREE: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple)

There’s no need to rush out and spend a lot of cash on replacing items you already have.  For example: keep the sofa and chairs you already have and get them professionally cleaned. It’s amazing what a little soap can do to bring back the look and life of your fabrics.  If you want something extremely dramatic, consider a discounted slipcover or better yet, take the plunge and try to reupholster it yourself. There are many tutorials online that will help in the project. Adding a new set of colorful pillows and a throw will make your sofa makeover complete.  To save on money consider re-covering old pillows with new fabric. It’s amazing the deals you can get now a days online or at fabric outlet stores. I have seen designer fabric for as low as $3.00 a yard! 

Check out how these pillows give a neutral space some POP!

STEP FOUR: A Change of Scenery
Simply rearrange your furniture. By changing things around the room it will transform the way you feel about the space.  Consider pulling the sofa away from the wall and add a sofa table behind with a lamp. The lamp will create more ambiance and provide more depth in the room.  Give it a try, you might be surprised! Also don’t be afraid to take furniture or accessories from a different room – change things up a bit and have fun doing it!  You might end up liking them even better in your new space.
STEP FIVE: Out With the Old and In with the New . . . er, or sort of.
Don’t ignore your windows. Heavy, dark, outdated window treatments can make any room feel sad!  Replace them with window treatments that are light, clean and airy. This is the one place I say it’s a good idea to spend some money, or better yet, find a way to “repurpose something you already own.  I have noticed a popular trend where people use bed sheets for curtains. It is a great, low budget way to cover your windows. All you have to do is add rings. You can also search your local discount store for deals.

Here is an example of bed sheets as curtains

I love how they used a simple kaki fabric for these curtains

In the end, it’s all about making your house feel more like a home.  Keeping it simple and finding creative ways to use what you already have.  Then go out and spend a little money on those things you absolutely LOVE and, of course, need ;)  
You’ll be surprised that a little bit of elbow grease and creativity can go a long, long way.

For more ideas go to homebyheidi.blogspot.com

Elvis Rocks the Plum District House!

Plum District gets a surprise visit from none other than the King of Rock n' Roll himself!


Amid the hustle and bustle of preparing for the launch of the new site, Plum District received a surprise visit from none other than the King of Rock n’ Roll himself!

Thursday afternoon, the King rolled up in a pink Cadillac on our quiet San Francisco street and the PD office was certainly “All Shook Up.” Don’t worry though, one of our PD ladies captured the moment on video – check it out:

Of course, with all of the swooning women in the office, there was quite the competition over who would be lucky enough to grab a picture with Mr. Presley. Luckily we all got squeezed in!

Plum District Insider Savings For Moms

I am beyond thrilled that Plum District has partnered with me and the ladies at MomsFashionFile.com to put on the swank Style Suite at BlogHer this year.


Nicole Feliciano is the Editor and Founder of the popular blog Momtrends. Momtrends is a fashion and lifestyle blog for hip moms who want to do parenthood in style.

I am beyond thrilled that Plum District has partnered with me and the ladies at MomsFashionFile.com to put on the swank Style Suite at BlogHer this year. Most likely you already know about this community, but for the newbies, here’s the scoop: Plum District is a daily deal site geared towards smart, savvy moms.

Each day, Plum District sends in-the-know moms a deal that relates to them and their busy lives and it’s all local. In NYC Plum moms get insider deals on everything from spa treatments and restaurants to family outings and kids’ activities–perfect for summer. Plum District is unique in that it is solely focused on moms and deals are sourced by moms that will make their lives easier or more enjoyable.

The team at Plum sent me on assignment to Appleseed’s–one of their deal partners. One great deal offered to NYC moms included a discounted set of play passes to Appleseed’s glorious air-conditioned and exquisitely clean indoor playground (for more information on Appleseed’s visit www.appleseedsnyc.com).

Find out more at www.plumdistrict.com

This is a sponsored post.

Check out Momtrends here!

From One SuperMom to Another…

When I brought my first six pound eleven ounce child home from the hospital, I did not realize I was in for the hardest job I would ever have.


For any woman who made the decision to stay home with her children rather than return to work, I am sure you did it with the same ignorance I did.  When I brought my first six pound eleven ounce child home from the hospital, I did not realize I was in for the hardest job I would ever have.  Twenty-four hours of care for someone other than my husband.  Forget the degrees, suits hanging in my closet, or deals I had closed a month earlier…I was a mother.

Thirteen years and two more children later, I am still providing 24 hours worth of care – it just entails much more driving and oodles of patience.  The professional woman I once was has transformed into a woman that can drive three kids to three different schools every day, make 3 square meals a day with snacks in between, volunteer at all of their sports teams and school PTAs, bake 4 dozen cookies at the drop of a hat, care for 2 dogs, 1 cat, keep the laundry going non-stop, learn how to throw a Lacrosse ball, teach my 7 year old son how to wear a cup, groom and tack a horse for my 10 year old, and navigate tweenage hormones

I was introduced to Plum District through my brother-in-law who was a friend of Megan Gardner.  After talking to her, I was amazed that there was actually a job out there for me: one where I could utilize all of my talents, especially my big mouth, to make a little extra money and have something for myself while being able to work around my kids’ crazy schedules.  Something that was a vague resemblance of the professional career I once had.  Becoming a DC was a natural fit.  I love to meet new people, especially business owners.  And I love to tell all of my friends, and anyone who is unfortunate enough to stand behind me in the grocery line, about where they should go to eat, shop and play.

One of the most exciting and wonderful things that has come from my role as a DC for Plum District is the relationship I have built with my vendors.  I have made dozens of new friends.  I have become invested in their businesses and really want them to succeed.  In particular, Louise C. Clow who is the proprietor of Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed in Terra Linda, CA.  She is an amazing woman who, instead of just complaining about the fast food industry, is fixing it by providing an incredible alternative for us to feed our children.  I would have never met her if I hadn’t searched out her business.  Her spirit and determination have inspired me.

The women I work with at Plum District have become my friends. It is so nice to be able to meet women who really get who you are and where you are coming from.  I feel like I have a new extended family and we are all in the trenches of raising a family and trying to rediscover ourselves at the same time.  I really am grateful for my position at Plum District and am so excited to see where the next few years will take us!

What They Don’t Tell You About Mommyhood

In the world of motherhood, I think the only thing that prepares you for what’s ahead is to surround yourself with other moms.


If you had told me a year ago that I’d be working for a San Francisco-based daily deal website that catered to moms I would have laughed at you.  Well, maybe not at you, but I definitely would have been chuckling on the inside.  I mean, I have a graduate degree in French Literature.  I spent the last eight years working at Sotheby’s Auction House.  My strengths are discussing existentialist literature and explaining a Jeff Koons sculpture.  What on earth would I know about finding a deal for a birthday party entertainer, or where to get a discount on those cute shoes I saw someone wearing at the water park?  Yet here I am entering month three of being a district consultant for Plum District.  And you know what?  I love it!  It’s such a gift to work at a place that not only embraces the fact that I’m a mom, but encourages me to use my newfound abilities in a business environment.

When you stop to think about it, you really do learn a whole new skill set as a mom.   And these aren’t skills I read about in the 16 books I bought during my pregnancy, or practiced in the myriad of prenatal classes I took.  These were learned over the course of twelve months in a constant array of trial by fire situations.  I can change a diaper while my child is running around the living room holding a maraca.  I can breastfeed on a park bench while emptying my diaper bag of long-forgotten raisins and puffs.   I can do the funniest pretend sneeze this side of the Mississippi.  I can have a heated discussion about the distance covered by projectile vomit.  I mean, these are serious strengths.  But then the sobering fact hits me that I have so much more to learn.  Sometimes I feel like I have completed my first year at Mom University and while I puff my chest out about my credentials, I cower when I see the upper classmen walk by toting scooters and soccer balls and (gasp) siblings?!  I watch them from afar with star struck awe.

They say knowledge is power, but from where do you get that knowledge?  In the world of motherhood, I think the only thing that prepares you for what’s ahead is to surround yourself with other moms.  We are simultaneously each other’s teacher and student, guidance counselor and teammate, mentor and mentee.  Plum District expands this network of knowledge by providing us all with great resources, ideas, and of course, deals.  As a district consultant, I look forward to sharing some of my education with you and your family.   And if you ever want to talk about those Koons sculptures, well that would be just fine too!

The Mommy Bind: Work, Kids, and Staying Sane

How do you keep your work life, mommy life, partner life and sanity all at the same time?


Do you ever feel like an octopus with only two arms? Or like a piece of banana salt water taffy; every direction seems to be a stretch? How do you keep your work life, mommy life, partner life and sanity all at the same time?

We all have responsibilities to our families, our spouses, our parents, and of course ourselves – we just need to prioritize the immediate needs and non-immediate needs. I know it sounds logical, but how do we “get ‘er done” without losing our minds? Half of our problems can be handled with organization and the other half with power: I have two simple answers.

My first piece of advice is: become a list person. If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me. Plus if I don’t write something down, it never seems to get done. Somehow my hand is directly correlated with my brain; my memory seems to store things I’ve written down at least once. Whether you use a Blackberry, tablet, post-it, magnetic paper list from the Target® dollar bin, or your computer, put your daily duties somewhere and start checking them off your list.

Number two: learn how to say “no”. Most of us mommies are people-pleasers – we can’t help it, seems to be in the mommy make up. We need to learn how to tell people no every once in a while. We can’t possibly attend every birthday party, every sports night, every sleepover, every function…just say no ladies. I promise, saying that one little word will free your schedule up so you can include the things that are really important. The easiest way to say yes to a calmer household and calmer life is simply by saying “no”.

Take time for yourself, appreciate the little things, tolerate the insanity and always remember to: Eat, Drink and Be Plum.