Creative Beach Cover-Ups

Easy ways to look chic while you're covered up poolside this summer!


Summer is upon us and that means there are all sorts of fun in the sun activities on the horizon that require a bathing suit. That’s why I’m always in search of the perfect beach cover-up to complete my summer wardrobe.  What most people don’t realize is that cover-ups don’t have to cost much – if anything – and many can be altered from items already in your closet!  Below are a few of my favorite creative and chic ways to cover all of your assets while lounging  poolside this season.

Source: Zappos

  • The Boyfriend Shirt:  I use my hubby’s retired work shirts and they are perfect for an effortless and stylish look at the pool! Take an oversized, cotton flannel, button it halfway. roll up the sleeves three-quarters and voila!  This is a fantastic way to look relaxed – covered – and most of us have a few of these lying around the house.
Source: Victoria's Secret
Source: Victoria’s Secret
  • Oversized Tee: An off-the-shoulder T-shirt, especially with a vintage feel, is a perfect cover for the mom who likes a little edge. Note: For people needing more bottom coverage, be sure to start with a T-shirt that is long enough to cover target areas.
Source: Venus
  • Cute Skirts: A  skirt is a perfect cover-up for the hips, thighs, and butt. It looks especially great with a super-cute bikini top! Find one in a bright color that matches your suit or throw on a denim one. Jeans make everything look chic!
Source: Blues and Shoes
  • Scarf Vest: The scarf vest is a fun way to incorporate your favorite scarf into your summer wardrobe.  And, as an added bonus, the scarf vest can be used all year – synch it at the waist with a belt over a knit top with jeans for a great fall look! For step-by-step instructions on how to make your scarf vest coverup check out this link.
Source: J.Crew
  • Summer Dress: Your favorite sundress can also be your favorite cover-up! There are styles to fit all body types and tastes and it is perfect when you need to make a quick conversion if you have plans for dinner or something more formal post-beach.

Gigi G. is a district consultant in the San Francisco Bay area. When she’s not sourcing great deals, you’ll find her in a stylish cover-up enjoying the California sun. 

Tales from the Teenage Trenches

You think the terrible twos are nerve-wracking? Just wait until your kid hits their teens. Lisa B. shares her story with fellow Plum moms.


My 14 year-old daughter is a hoarder.  I am not sure where it came from because I am the complete OCD opposite, but when the mouse who had been surviving on four years worth of Halloween candy made a home in her UGGs, I decided it was time to go in and take control of the situation.  Armed with black trash bags and Lysol, I went in.

I methodically made my way through her room.  After filling four trash bags full of clothing, trash, and food that was beyond recognizable, I started toward her dresser drawers.  She started going completely crazy, standing in front of them and forbidding me to look inside.  As a mother, your first instinct is fear.  Fear that your teenager has drugs, or other substances in her possession.  I move her aside and force my way into her drawer.

What do I find?  Drugs? Condoms? Inappropriate magazines?  No. I find MY bras — four of them!  Since I have lost track of most of my life since becoming a mother, I chalked four missing bras to just that – I had no idea she would have them.  I look at her with a confused expression and she just shrugs her shoulders and responds: “They don’t fit me anyway.”

I am overwhelmed with more emotions than I have wits to sort out.  I am angry, relieved, and so very humiliated. At 14, my daughter is more buxom than I was or ever will be without silicone.  This is a parenting situation no book can ever prepare you for!

I stand up and try to appear taller than her, grab my bras, and say, “Nothing about this is okay.  We do not share underwear.  We will go shopping and buy you bras that fit.”

I then retreat out of her room and think to myself, “Thank goodness it was just bras. I wonder how much a boob job costs?”

Lisa B. is a district consultant in Marin, San Francisco, who has been working for Plum District for almost two years.  She is mother to Mia (14), Kyra (11), and Wyatt (8), and has been married to her husband Kent for 16 years.


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Adventures of A New Stepmom

Motherhood comes in all different forms, as one Plum District staffer shares.


As a new stepmom to a 14-year old girl, Chandler, I approached this new title with serious trepidation.   I mean, I never thought I would even have children.   But immediately after getting engaged last year, I felt the weight and responsibility of this new title and took  action.  I was determined that EVERY time Chandler came to visit would be a  great one!  My San Francisco apartment was suddenly full of snacks, magazines, and beauty products fit for teen consumption.  She happened to mention in passing her penchant for gummy worms.  A five-pound bag awaited her every weekend.  A balmy SF October weekend happened to have a “icy tinge” to it in the evening? A shopping excursion for winter clothes was in the works.  School shoes have a minor discoloration on the toe?  She got two new ones to replace them. My husband would go along with it, (admittedly with a bit of an eye-roll), but he also knew that I was developing my nurturing side and he didn’t want to stifle my determined preparations for every single visit.

One weekend, I KNEW would be a great one — shopping for 8th grade graduation dance dress.  I  did some reconnaissance missions at about a dozen outlets and shops in the city and had created a list, complete with names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the stylish dress shops within a 20 mile radius.  I was ready.

But when the weekend came, I had to meet my own mom and get fitted for my own wedding dress.  Not a big problem – my thoroughly vetted list went to my husband, and off I went to prepare for my own nuptials.  As I was in the fitting room, I received two texts in rapid succession:

Greg:  ”I don’t think this was a good idea.”

Chandler:  ”When will you be back?”

Five minutes later, another set:

Greg: “We’re going home.  Chandler is being impossible.”

Chandler:  ”I just want to go with you.”

I was needed!  And badly, from the looks of it.  Off I went to pick up Chandler and search for a dress.  Only one shop and five dresses later, we found it — an ethereal concoction of blue satin with a delicate tulle overlay.  I will always remember the smile she had when she tried on that dress — the bright blue satin matched only by the bright blue of her eyes.  And I think my heart was close to bursting when she hugged me and whispered, “I love you.  Thank you for caring about me.”  I held it together then, but burst into tears when I told my husband about it later as he cradled me in his arms.  “Being a parent has great moments, doesn’t it?”  he asked.

It sure does.  I can’t wait for more.

Chi Le is the Market Research Manager at the Plum District home office. She recently got married and is enjoying every minute with her extended family.