In The District:

What Possessed You to Take This Job?

I’ve been asked that question a number of times over the past few months and always have a quick response.  I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur–how could I say no to a group of angel investors that wanted me to run their company.  I knew in high school that I wanted to run my own company one day.  My father spend nearly 25 years working for the same company being the #3 guy behind the father and son team. He was wholly invested personally and emotionally but never shared in the upside but also wasn’t given full authority  to make decisions.  He always told me — work for yourself and you will be the leader you want to be every day.  After 25 years, he finally took his own advice and is loving his new role.

But back to why I took this job.  The first reason was as I mentioned–I always planned on doing it.  My husband and I have been saving money and testing out business ideas but hadn’t yet made the plunge.  The second reason is that there is no perfect time to take a risk.

Yes – quitting my job on short notice was not ideal (I’m still very apologetic to my former employer for the sudden departure — certainly not recommended — but necessary because I knew that every minute counted to get the business to market faster).

Yes – the hours are long.

Yes – I don’t make as much money as I did before.

Yes – we’ve set big goals for ourselves that some days look impossible.  However, there isn’t  day that I don’t jump out of bed and am excited to see what’s in my email box.  I can’t wait to hear what the team has to say about partnerships, deals and events that they have planned.  I work with an amazing team and believe 100% in what we are doing.  This is the best job that I have ever had in my life!

Sneak Peeks This Week: Books, Movies, Cheese, and more….

We’ve got a few deals coming up this week that are pretty exciting. We can’t say too much, but….

Tuesday is your day to get yourself some great movie tickets! If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is also your day to stock up on cream puffs for your World Series party!

Wednesday be a book worm.

Thursday you’re going to love the gourmet cheese.

Stay tuned to Plum District this week for the details and to buy your deals!

Healthy Eating Habits for Baby

Related to my post last week about ideas for getting your child to eat their veggies is today’s find: Start your baby on healthy eating habits early and you may never have a “white food only” kid. The more texture, flavor and variety you offer to your baby, the more likely you will have a life long healthy eater.

Click on over to read Dr. Lisa Dana’s “Healthy Eating Habits for Baby.” Dr. Dana, UCSF pediatrician and friend of Plum District.

About Dr. Dana

Dr. Lisa Dana was born in Bologna, Italy. She attended University High School in San Francisco and then went on to complete her undergraduate education at the University of California Santa Barbara. She attended Georgetown University for Medical School. She completed her Internship and Residency at the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Dana is on the clinical faculty at UCSF, is a member of the San Francisco Medical Society, and is also a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She has been in practice since 1999. Dr. Dana is married and the proud parent of three children. She is a founder and past president of the The Reading Tree Literacy Program. She is on the Advisory Board of Pregnancy Magazine, and also writes a monthly article for Pregnancy.

Dream On – 50% off 4 Movie Tickets

4 movie tickets from Dreamerpass for $23. Each ticket can be redeemed at for any theaters that they serve. I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie for less than $12…it was The Breakfast Club, which is still a favorite of mine (yes, I am giving away my age…oh well). Even though the tickets are only posted in our Texas markets, they are good for any theater


Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention release a report back in September, State-Specific Trends in Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among US Adults. In it, they concluded that fewer adults in 2009 are eating their fruits and veggies than in 2000.

A diet high in fruits and vegetables is important to reducing the risk for disease and plays an important role in overall weight control. If fewer of us adults are eating our fruits and veggies, it’s likely that our kids are not either. Today, I saw this article on SFGate (the online presence of the San Francisco Chronicle) called “5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies” that offers 5 ways to get your kids to each their veggies. They share 5 recipes from the popular Weelicious web site authored by Catherine McCord. Happy reading (and cooking).

Modern Mom and Plum District Partner

I’m pleased to announce that that Plum District is partnering with Modern Mom as their exclusive daily deals provider–yet another solution to make your life easier as a Mom!

Modern Mom, run by Brooke Burke of “Dancing with the Stars” and Lisa Rosenblatt, a repeat entrepreneur, is an online magazine and community for the woman behind the mom. Now when you go to, you can find not only smart and practical advice on topics such as parenting, finances, career, health, wellness, beauty, and entertainment, but you will also find fantastic shopping opportunities brought by Plum District. With one click, women can also access a worldwide network of moms who are ready to chat, ask questions and share their most clever tips and advice on active message boards. We are thrilled with this partnership to provide our Plum deals to Modern Mom and excited to be showcasing content from Modern Mom on Plum District.

Modern Mom Logo

By Moms, For Moms

I just returned from two weeks of travel visiting our local district nationwide and I think I have the best job in the world!  As I travel around the nation meeting with our District Representatives, I’m reminded about the power of “the mom”.  We have recruited hundreds of moms across the country to build Plum District in their local communities.  I love hearing their stories about their families and why they joined the Plum team.  These women are the core of our business — we are literally by moms, for moms.  They are sourcing the very best deals and building our subscribers while engaging parenting groups, local PR and non-profit organizations.  What’s amazing is that we’re basically paying these women to do what they doing anyway–spreading the word about the very best deals (both online and offline) and making their local communities a better place for their kids.  Many are looking for something to fill time and bring in extra dollars because their children are now back in school.  All have sales and marketing experience and are eager to start building their “plum” business.  In early September, we launched our affiliate program which is another way for local non-profits, schools and PTAs to earn money and partner with Plum District.  The response has been overwhelming and we already have 550+ affiliates signed up after a couple of weeks.  If you’re a mom and are looking to earn $$s–check out Plum District Jobs to learn more about our District Representative program.

Now Featuring Facebook Connect

We recently added Facebook Connect to Plum District. This allows you to login to Plum District with one click by using your Facebook account whether you are new to The District or a long time user. One less username and password to create and remember.

The First Time You Login

Here’s how it works the first time you login with Facebook Connect:

1. Click the Facebook Connect icon whenever you need to login to Plum District–either from the header of our site or on the login page when you buy, refer friends, or view your account.

2. If you are not already logged into Facebook on your computer, you will be presented with the Facebook login screen. If you are logged into Facebook, you’ll go straight to #3 below.

3. Facebook will ask you for your permission to share information with Plum District. Click Allow to share this information with us (or Don’t Allow if you don’t want to).Facebook Request Persmission Screen

What Permissions Are We Asking For?

We ask for the basic information that your Facebook account is set to share with Everyone, so we are not collecting anything you haven’t already made public. The key info that we use to deliver our service to are the following:

  • Name: Your first and last name which we need when you buy a deal.
  • Gender: We use this data in aggregate so that we know our audience by percent female versus male.
  • Send Email: This is to for send you the daily deal for the District(s) to which subscribe and to send a confirmation email when you buy on our site or earn Plum Dollars from referring friends.

The Second and Subsequent Times You Login with Facebook Connect

Any subsequent time that you want to login to Plum District, simply click the Facebook Connect icon, and (if you are logged into Facebook on your computer), wham! You are logged in to Plum District. One click. No typing.

If you are not logged into Facebook, just enter your Facebook username and password on the login screen, then, wham! One click. A little typing.

We’re excited to offer you this simple, fast, and easy way to join the District!

Big News in the Big Apple

Plum Moms,

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the #1 source for all things mommy in New York City….Big City Moms! We’ve teamed up with our personal favorite go-to resource for moms in the city.  Make sure to check out their Parenting Center for expert tips on everything from sleep to discipline to fun things to do with your kids.  And take a peak at BCM picks for awesome packing lists and guides for parents.

With all of their expertise on parenting in the city, we had to team up!  We’re going to be featuring some of Big City Moms’ favorite picks for the best things to do, see, eat, and experience for moms and families in NYC–starting with our current New York City: Uptown deal, $49 for Five Playground Passes + $40 Voucher for the Boutique at apple seeds – a $240 Value.

Big City Moms Logo

$20 for 4 Movie Tickets and a FREE Screening for San Francisco Movie Go-ers

Tomorrow we will be running a deal for 4 movie tickets for $20 with Weekly Cinema,the #1 movie club in America. The tickets are good at 99% of all theaters across the country, and you don’t have to use all the tickets at once.

As an added bonus for San Francisco movie go-ers, Weekly Cinema and Plum Districts are sponsoring a FREE screening of Secretariat, Disney’s uplifting new movie about a Triple Crown racehorse, at AMC Van Ness theaters on Saturday October 9th at 2pm. To be admitted, bring a copy of your voucher to the theater as proof of purchase (you will not have to use voucher, as movie is free). Purchasers may bring 1 guest, and seating is limited to availability and is first come first served.

I can’t remember the last time I paid $5 for a movie ticket!!! Tell all your friends about this great deal!