In The District:

I Brought You This Deal…For Moms, By Moms

As Megan talked about in her post back in October, “For Moms, By Moms,” we are recruiting Moms to build Plum District in their local communities. Our District Representatives are Moms who are sourcing deals in their local communities and bringing them to Moms like you.

To showcase the hard work these Moms (and a few Dads!) are doing for Plum District–and to make our deals more personal for you–we have launched a new feature that lets you see who sourced the deal, read about why they brought the deal to Plum District, and read and get to know them.

For example, our deal today for Love Reusable Bags was brought to us by Jillian G., one of our District Reps for Orange County. Jillian is featured in the left side of the page, and her story about why she brought this deal is found at the end of the deal page.

Likewise, Margaret G., our Regional Sales Manager for San Francisco and Marin is featured on today’s Round Pond Wine Tasting and Appetizer deal. After having a wonderful tasting experience at Round Pond, Margaret tells you why she brought this to you.

Of course, you are interested in becoming one of these District Reps for your local District, let us know!

10% off First Purchase Mon Dec 13 to Dec 24!

Great news! Starting Monday (Dec 13) and running through December 24, 2010 you can get an additional 10% your first purchase with Plum District! Just enter the promotion code plumholiday at checkout. Easy.

This promotion only applies to first time buyers. However, for you frequent shoppers on Plum District, be sure to tell all of your friends. If you use our Refer a Friend program to tell your friends, you will earn $10 Plum Dollars when they make their first purchase. Now, that’s a Plum Deal.

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Deals: An Exciting Week in the District

I was just pursuing our deal calendar for the next week and it looks very exciting, so I thought I would share a little insider information.

For the Casual Gamers

First, we have Big Fish Games coming up tomorrow and Saturday. I’m pretty excited about this one because I’ve been a casual gamer myself for years. It’s my little “me” time away from the world. Whether it’s puzzle games, brain teasers, time management and role playing games, Big Fish is your go to source for casual games. They even have computer games for the kids. With our deal, Plum District buyers are getting a 70%…yes, 70%!…discount: $3 for a game (regularly $10)!

For the Readers and News Junkies

We have two great deals coming up next week. For the adult readers, we’re going to be offering a great deal on the New York Times. Delivered to your door. With a bonus New York Times tote bag. For the young readers, National Geographic Kids is coming your way.

And More…for Less?

That’s just a sample. Stay tuned daily to Plum District. There is more coming: gourmet fruit baskets (the perfect office gift), customized gifts (it is the gift giving season), and much more. A little birdie even tells me that there’s going to be special promotion code available to new buyers to get an even bigger discount. Be sure to tell your friends!

New digs for the District

Today was quite the day here at Plum HQ: our first day in our new (temporary) offices!

We moved our belongings from the old place Friday afternoon, and started fresh today at a new address. It’s one of those office spaces built specifically for startups, with lots of small companies packed next to one another and common areas for mingling and “idea cross-pollination.” (For the uninitiated, that’s when two people meet at the coffee machine. One says, “We do web work,” and the other says, “So do we!”)

There were a few fits and starts, which are to be expected when you move (Where is the bathroom, anyway?), but overall things went quite smoothly.

Being the adventurous sort, we had to get out and explore. Our fearless leader, Megan, devised a scavenger hunt to get the entire team acquainted with our new surroundings. Because she’s crafty, the hunt also had an ulterior motive: to compile a list of places that we’ll find useful. Rachel and Dave took care of finding the most important one:

Rachel & Dave at Zeke's

Rachel and Dave find the essentials

So for a couple hours we found ourselves running around the building introducing ourselves to the neighbors (some took it better than others and were rewarded with super-luxe Plum District re-usable bags) and wandering the streets searching for the best spots to park, eat, shop, work out, grab coffee, and the like. I think our experience in sniffing out great deals for moms came in pretty handy here…we found quite a bunch! You can bet we’ll be spending lots of lunch money here:

Chavo's menu

Our local Mexican joint

The winning team (Tizzy, Margaret, and me) gets to buy something fun for the permanent office we’ll be moving into soon. Can’t wait to see what we come up with…In the meantime: look out, neighborhood! Plum District is here!

Weekly Cinema Refunds: Refund or Donate to Charity

We have recently learned that Weekly Cinema has closed it’s doors.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused you.

We would be happy to offer you a credit to your Plum District account for any unredeemed movie tickets.


In the spirit of upcoming holiday season, we are also offering an option to donate this amount to the San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program. For more than 20 years, HPP has provided poor and homeless San Francisco families the opportunity to end childhood poverty. We would be excited if you were interested in joining us in assisting this organization this holiday season. Please contact us at in order to initiate the credit or donation process

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience Weekly Cinema has caused.

Happy Holidays….a sneak peek at tomorrow’s deal

So it’s that time of year again, the holiday is fast approaching and I’m trying to get into the mind set.  My parents are coming in for Thanksgiving, my daughter is turning 2, we have something planned every weekend between now and Christmas….and sometime between now and then I have to send Christmas cards and buy gifts.  Lots to do, not enough time!!  I love the holidays and love giving to my loved ones, but the spend always hurts a little.  I love that I can do almost all my shopping on Plum District for great deals on all my gifts!  Since I am privy to all the deals coming up in the next month, I thought I would share with you one that I especially love, that is coming up tomorrow.

Sometime between now and the second week of December I need to capture that special Kodak moment, because I need an updated photo for our holiday photo cards.  This means that I need to have a picture where everyone has their eyes open, is smiling, and it wouldn’t hurt if it happened to be a slimming shot of me (I know, a bit vain, but I’m being honest here!)  The picture is only one step of the process, then you need to decide where to purchase them, how many to buy, and then I actually need to address them and send them out.  In never fails that I am short on cards, am scrambling to find a new address of a friend, or get massive hand cramps from all the writing.  Though there are steps that are not fun about it, I still love, that in the age of email and Facebook, to be able to to send a piece of mail.  I also love receiving cards from our friends and family with new pictures and an update on what is new in their lives.  This year I get to send holiday cards AND get a discount with our deal tomorrow….perfect!  In addition to holiday cards, the deal will be valid toward customizable calendars and photo books.  As of last year I began to give both my parents and in-laws photo books that summarize our year, with pictures and captions.  Both have told me that they think it is the best present they get every year.  So no matter if you are in need to holiday cards, a fantastic calendar for the new year, or want to give the great gift of a personalized photo book, tune in tomorrow and check out our deal!

New Design for Plum Vouchers and My Deals

Today we made a major change to the way you will receive your vouchers when you purchase a deal. Our goal is to make the process clear and easy and to centralize all vouchers that you purchase into the My Deals page that you can access in your account. Here’s how it works (and looks).

When you purchase a Plum deal, you receive an email receipt of your purchase. It confirms the deal that you purchased, the amount that was charged to your credit card, and a big ole link to view your voucher. Here’s a sample email:

New Purchase Confirmation Email

Clicking the link in the email takes you to the My Deals page. You can also access this page by going to and clicking My Account in the site header (login first if you are not already). The My Deals page has been re-designed to categorize your vouchers into Available (expiration date has not yet passed and are still available to redeem), expired (those whose expiration dates have passed and can no longer be redeems), Used (those that you or the vendor has “marked as redeemed), and Gifted (those that you sent to someone else as a gift). The new My Deals page looks like this:

My Deals Page

Finally, we have re-designed our Voucher so they look more like….well, a voucher, something that you can print out and take to the business and pay them with and feel like you’ve been treated to a gift. Here is our new Plum Voucher.

New Plum Deal Voucher

For any deals that you purchased prior to today, your voucher will be in this look, too! Happy shopping and using your new plum vouchers.

Plum Reward to Trader Joe’s Now Available in New York and San Diego

Thank you for writing in and asking (and even one who commented on my previous post about the Plum Reward) for it. As a result, we are pleased to announce that the Plum Reward is now available to New York City and San Diego Districts, too!

Ok, Big Apple and Southern California Moms, time to start referring your friends and earning your Plum Dollars. You have until Tuesday, November 16 (or while supplies last) to earn $50 Plum Dollars to claim your reward!

A New Type of Deal: The Plum Reward

As a way to thank you for the great buzz you are creating for Plum District, we want to thank our most loyal users by offering a new type of deal: Plum Rewards.

Plum Rewards appears in the right column next to our deal of the day for your District. For the San Jose and San Francisco: Peninsula District, you have the chance to earn a $50 Gift Card to Trader Joe’s for $50 Plum Dollars. If you are in Los Angeles or Orange County, you are eligible to earn a $25 gift card to Jack’s Surfboards. Until you earn the necessary Plum Dollars, Plum Rewards appear as locked.

Once you earn the minimum balance of Plum Dollars necessary, the Plum Reward is unlocked….

…and you can claim it with your Plum Dollars!

Thank you for buying with Plum District and telling your friends and family. Enjoy your Plum Reward! You’ve earned it.


Sneak Peek for week of 11/1

I must admit, I love to look at what deals are coming up here at Plum District.  I sat down on Sunday night, after sampling a few of my daughters Halloween candies (whoops!) and took at look at the line up this week.  I have already planned out what I am going to buy (a little head start on my holiday shopping)!   I think the deals are so great, that I decided to share them with you.

You can expect Tuesday to be a turning of the tides, and give those who love to cook a great deal.  Our featured deal on Wednesday comes from a company that one of our Regional Sales Managers saw featured on the Today show.  She was already planning her holiday gift list and was searching for the perfect personalized gift to give.  Now she is sharing her fabulous find with all of our subscribers.  On Thursday you can get a fantastic deal on organic clothing, and help the planet at the same time!  For each organic tee-shirt, or bamboo shirt purchased the featured company will plant a tree through a partnership with Trees for the Future.  A good deal and a good deed, all in one day!  Do you ever wonder where your neighbor gets those cute notepads and address labels she uses to write you a thank you note?  Well, we found out where she gets them and we are sharing the secret with you on Friday.

I love cooking and would love to get a few culinary lessons to teach me some correct techniques (now I just wing it and hope for the best!).  I work full-time, am certifying to be a Pilates instructor, and  as if I did not have enough on my plate, I volunteered on the council of a local museum. Of course I also have the best job of all, being a mom.  Needless to say, I don’t have a lot of free time.  After researching cooking schools and classes, I could not find anything that fit into my schedule.  I then went on the hunt for an online cooking school, does that even exist?  Is is better than just tuning into the Food Network? (don’t get me wrong, I do love a good Paula Dean recipe!)  After much research I found something perfect that I could do on my own time, had quick, easy to follow tutorials, and even has online step by step recipes. Rouxbe… you had me at “on your own time”!  So I have decided to share my favorite find with you this Sunday.


I hope all of you enjoy the deals this week, we always working to bring you unique finds from great vendors.  Let us know what you love or a business you would love to see featured!