Good Deeds:

Plum District Announces Friday Fundraisers

We are giving back 10% of deals to organizations in your community


As a mom of three kids, I know first hand how important Moms are in the community – especially when it comes to fundraising for all of the organizations our kids and families are involved with.  Moms are the glue that holds communities together.

I also know that being able to multi task is key to my survival.  Now Plum District is offering me an opportunity to not only treat myself, with great products and inspirations I want, but an easy way to give back to my local community.

Coming soon, every Friday Plum District local markets are going to feature amazing deals at local businesses that give 10% of the net proceeds to a school, non-profit, or organization in your local community.

It’s easy for you to participate –as a mom, business, or organization. If you are interested in getting involved just email us at and we will put you in touch with a District Consultant in your local market that will help pair your organization with a local business (or vice versa). She will even provide you the tools needed to spread the word about the fundraising effort!

Our goal at Plum District is to make Mom’s day by offering great values for you and your family.  And now we are helping you make the day for those in your community!

Plummies Give Back

SF Home Team Helps Out SF Food Bank


Tis the season to lend a helping hand, and the Plummies from the home office did just that by donating time at the San Francisco Food Bank this week.

Plummies packing food

Integrated Marketing Manager Melissa Shymko, Web Producer Kate Goepferd, and Sales Operations Manager Margaret Godsey are hard at work

In just under two hours, the team was able to help provide food to more than 5,000 people in the Bay Area. From sorting donated food to bagging rice, they spread a little good cheer to the community.

National Account Manager Graham Pickles labels and packs up rice that will feed hundreds of SF families

We know life gets busy (especially in December), but it’s always a treat to help those in need and reflect on our blessings. It’s a wonderful life! Happy holidays!