‘Celebrating Our Members’ Sweepstakes – Thank You to our Plum Fans and Amazing Brands!

Our ‘Celebrating Our Members’ Sweepstakes was a HUGE success! Throughout March and April, we awarded $15,000 worth of prizes to 93 wonderful families! Plum would also like to give a special ’thank you’ to the 19 amazing, mom-loved brands that contributed merchandise. Thank you, again, to all who participated. Keep an eye on your Plum email for our next giveaway! Below are the winners and some responses – our favorite part of the entire sweepstakes:

Week One Winners

Registered Spot in Harlem Globetrotters Summer Basketball Clinic for Kids and (2) Show Tickets to Watch Harlem Globetrotters Live (5)

Mia Dentice, Keri Estes-Cimorelli, Molly Raymer Mohramann, Sonia Beshiri, Laura Cherevchenko

          “WOOT WOOT! THANK YOU! My son is REALLY GONNA ENJOY THIS!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Mia

$100 Gift Certificate to Frecklebox (5)

Yahney Benitez, Paula Skeans, Catherine McNichol, Lindsay Carmichael, Ioana Churchill

         ”Thank you so much! My daughter is already shopping  she is thrilled with the giftcard.” – Paula

6-Month Subscription to NatureBox (5)

Linda Givens, Cordelia Bland, Nichi Mitchell, Caleigh Bohner, April Godden

          “Thank You so much  I cant wait to start enjoying my snacks” – Caleigh

          “Yay I’m so excited to be in the winner’s circle I love Plum District thank you” – AprilYes to Gift Bundle (5)

Denise Clark Phillips, Hollylynn Ford, Kelle Bradford Hays, Regina Angerman, Chessie Shaw

$100 Gift Certificate to Plae (5)

Jodi Jett, Christina Lowe Hoffman, Yana Urshanskiy, Cayla Barden, Jenny-Ann Lally

    “So super excited to be one of the winners :)” – Yana

$100 Gift Certificate to Radio Flyer (5)

Shana Hess, Stephanie Waychoff, Kristen Rhodas, Vanessa Madrigal, Carla Robertson Foust

Week Two Winners

lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier (5)

Tammy McNamee, Julia Clark, Jasmine Plough, Jill Balestro, Alexi LesChander

          “Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited to use this carrier!” – Julia

3-Month Subscription to David’s Cookies (5)

Shalin Shultz, Monique Hanson-Keeler, Michella Cook Tenneson, Lillian Guzlowski, Robin Childress

$100 Gift Certificate to Essential DermCare (5)

Jessica Koepp, Candy Semenuk, Sarah Cortell Vandersypen, Susan Hinmon, Jenny McCambridge

“Thank you!! Can’t wait to spend away!” – Jenny

$100 Gift Certificate to tinyme

Maris Xayaboupha, Mary Beth Klotzbach, Shirisha Prodduturi, Deanna Kiristis Phillips, Alisha Goins, Anne DiPace, Elisa Constantini, Tosha Sweat, Alena Kwiatkowski, Becky VanGinkel

“Thank You!! I can’t wait to try Tinyme” – Alisha

Printed Canvas from Canvas People (5)

Susan Benson, Heidi Proetz Burns, Lisa Letoto-Ohata, Joyce Hanooman, Cassandra Eastman

          “Thank you SO much!!! I’m absolutely thrilled to be a winner this week! This made my day. I’ll be keeping an eye out for an email from Canvas People. I can’t wait!…I’m so happy to be a Plum member, I really enjoy it :)” – Cassandra 

Language Sets from Little Pim (5)

Sara Breuninger, Jen Heptinstall, Robin Cartwright, Jennifer Kaschner, Karen Machiorlatti-Waldron

          “Thank you, my son will now be learning Italian, Grazie” – Karen

Apple Park Gift Basket (5)

Christen Jeckell, Gianna Borden, Ebonie Williamson, Stacy Himpelmann, Shanna Uptergrove

          “I’m so excited about this. THANK YOU!!” – Ebonie

Week Three Winners

$100 Gift Certificate to SCOUT (5)

Darlene Ryan, Holly Gretencord, Hannah Sabo, Misty Farmer, Trudy Hunter

$100 Gift Certificate to LeSportsac (5)

Evelyn Hernandez, Kathleen Treharne, Shirley Shaw, Deanna Benner, Pam Villegas

          “Thanks Plum District I will enjoy this gift immensely” – Evelyn

1-Year Premium Membership to Urban Sitter (5)

Melissa Tippie, Erica Goodier, Jessica Pinaula, Tammy Redmoon, Teresa Neeley

Grand Prize Week Winners

$500 Gift Certificates to Mini Boden (3)

Meg Tucker, Jennifer Shiflett, Alina Prodan

          “Thank you so much Plum District and Boden Clothing!!! with 3 little ones, this prize couldn’t have come at a better time!!!” – Alina

  “oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! we are FREAKING OUT in excitement over here!!!!” – Jen

$1000 Gift Certificate to The Land of Nod (2)

Catalina Dib, Leslie Brecht

          “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I Love Plum District even more Now! You always have good products And deals!” – Catalina

          “I’ve posted on the Plum District page and will soon do the same for Land of Nod. I cannot express how grateful we are in words alone.  We have been searching for a nice dresser for my 3-year-old daughter’s bedroom that we could afford and could be something she would have for years…She will be so happy to have a “big girl” dresser and my husband and I are relieved that we can adjust our budget to fit some other needs…All because of the generosity of Plum District and Land of Nod.  You both are wonderful!” – Leslie

 phil&teds™ Smart Lux Stroller (1)

Melisa Carlsen

          “What an awesome prize to have won! I can’t wait to parade my little one around in our new Smart Lux Compact Stroller! Thanks Phil&Teds and Plum District for making my year and continuing to have such amazing products!” – Melisa

phil&teds™ Navigator Stroller (1)

Amanda Gulden

          “I am still in shock that I won!!!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to use my new stroller” – Amanda

Mountain Buggy® Cosmopolitan Stroller (1)

Jennifer Sagotsky