Meet Mom-Entrepreneur and Founder of the Noreen Kidwai Collection for Little Boys + Special Offer!

After the birth of her son, style-conscious mom Noreen Kidwai was always on the lookout for high-quality, trendy clothing to dress him in. She spent endless hours trying to find the boys’ counterparts for the plethora of options available for girls but coming up empty was frustrating. “Why should any mom be deprived of fashionable outfits for her child based on their gender?,” wondered Kidwai.

She soon realized that she was not the only one tired of all the boring neutrals, plaid patterns, and funny characters that made up the entire boys’ clothing variety. Recognizing this huge void, Kidwai decided to marry up her eye for style and her passion for fashion to design her own line of modern clothing for baby boys.

In the fall of 2013, Noreen Kidwai launched her debut collection with a niche focus on baby boys up to 2 years old. She wanted to bring something that wasn’t done before or common for little boys. Bright colors, bold stripes, skinny pants and suspenders are all part of her A/W 13 collection.  “My entire MO behind venturing down this path is passion. I’m obsessed with aesthetics and a perfectionist when it comes down to it,” says Kidwai about her approach. “It’s time for our little men to knock the socks off their female counterparts!”

The Noreen Kidwai Collection is for the style savvy mom who loves a well-dressed child, and who struggles to find hip, cool options for him. Her clothing is for all the moms who believe their sons have style too, and deserve to showcase their adorable personalities with some metro-chic flair. You’ll find sophisticated, effortlessly chic pieces made of the finest European fabrics, and produced locally in the USA. The entire collection is designed to be mixed and matched – letting our little boys’ personalities shine through.

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