FlexJobs: Find a Flexible Work-from-Home Job + Special Offer for Plum Members!

FlexJobs.com is the leading career-finding website for telecommuting and flexible jobs.  With FlexJobs.com, moms can have it all.

In 2007, Sara Sutton Fell was looking for a flexible job after being laid off. Since she was starting a family — and was seven months pregnant with her first child — she wanted a job that was in line with her career and would allow for flexible options like telecommuting. Sutton Fell knew these jobs existed but was overwhelmed by the countless scams online. That’s when the idea for FlexJobs came to her: A place where job seekers like herself could find professional-level, legitimate work-from-home jobs and flexible work options, all in one place, without scams or ads.

Since then, FlexJobs has helped over 680,000 job seekers in their search for flexible work options and work-life balance. Shakira W., a mother of six from Charlotte, North Carolina, started using FlexJobs after seeing the company featured on Good Morning America. She found a full-time work-from-home job with Convergys, a customer and human resources management firm based in Ohio.

“I had been looking for a work-from-home job for years. When I saw FlexJobs on Good Morning America, I knew it was for me. I was blessed to receive a full-time, work-from-home job that’s not only great for my family but is also with a reputable company. It gives me the chance to be at home with my children—especially the younger ones—and prepare dinner on my lunch break, all while fulfilling my desire to have a job and be confident in knowing that I did it.”

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