Month of Prizes | Thank You, Plum Moms!

Our first ever Month of Prizes was a HUGE success! We are thrilled that we could make summer even more memorable for our lucky winners. Throughout the entire month of July, we awarded a whopping $13,595 in prizes to 130 families! Plum would also like to give a special ’thank you’ to the 35 amazing, mom-loved brands that contributed merchandise. Thank you, again, to all who participated. Keep an eye on your Plum email for our next giveaway! Below are the winners and some responses – our favorite part of the entire giveaway:


James Barton – mountain buggy® cosmopolitan stroller AND $500 to Ella’s Kitchen

Tiffany Frye – mountain buggy® cosmopolitan stroller AND Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Samantha Brown – mountain buggy® urban jungle stroller AND Little Tikes Junior Sports ‘n Slide Bouncer

     “I can not say thank you enough for this…it has been a very tough year for me and my family and now I can see a smile come to my 3 year old’s face…you have made this mother extremely happy and in tears…BUT good tears. Thank you again for everything.”

Robein Halima – mountain buggy® urban jungle stroller AND Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Alina Prodan – mountain buggy® urban jungle stroller AND $200 to Kirkland’s

Jennifer Urquhart - mountain buggy® urban jungle stroller AND Joovy Balance Bike & Helmet

“I really would like to donate my prize to a family in need. Can I have it shipped to [a] family instead of to myself? Her son could use this and would be thrilled to receive it!”

Shannon Pickin - phil&teds poppy high chair AND Brooke Burke Fitness DVD

Shirisha Prodduturi - phil&teds poppy high chair AND Joovy Balance Bike & Helmet

Lucerito Villa – LeSportsac Diaper Bag

Brenda Wood – $100 to Posh Mommy

Kathy Carr – Fitbit

Michelle Starr – Fitbit

Christopher Pickin – Fitbit

Jessica Jawny – Fitbit

Daina Roberts – Halsea Tote Bag

Jennifer Davis – Cases of Homemade harvey

Cheyenne Basile-Keef – $50 to KIWI Shop

Gina Ferrell - $50 to KIWI Shop

Kim Kihega - $50 to KIWI Shop

Sydney Chu - $50 to KIWI Shop

Nicole Hunsaker - 1-Year Subscription to Highlights Magazine

Maria Skoytellis - 1-Year Subscription to Highlights Magazine

Jennifer Arbuthnot - 1-Year Subscription to Highlights Magazine

Julie Foresta - 1-Year Subscription to Highlights Magazine

Lataevea Burke – 1-Year Subscription to Highlights Magazine

Linda Peavy – Pacifier

Kay Huether – Pacifier

Brooklyn Dutson – 1-Year Subscription to KIWI Magazine

Kristyn Oquendo – $500 to Mini Boden

Melissa Kuczera – 1-Year Supply of Naturebox

Laura Knight – $200 to Blurb

Holly Blackwell – $120 to Simple Sugar Design

Dimarys Martinez – Suzuki Strider Bike

“Oh my God, this is very exciting! This is the perfect gift for my son’s upcoming birthday. Thank you so much Plum District!

Terri Wilson - Suzuki Strider Bike

Donel Payne – Suzuki Strider Bike

Wendie Rose – Suzuki Strider Bike

“I’m so excited!! Yay! My twin girls are turning 1 in a couple weeks so this is like a neat early birthday present for them. Thanks so much!!”

Linda Martin - Suzuki Strider Bike

“Is this for real?” 5 minutes later…”I’m so excited to win…thanks so much!”

Chula Bee – Suzuki Strider Bike

Megan Ross – GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Jill Hubbard - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Honeyb Twentytwo - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Melissa Maringer - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Cindy Collins - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Ally Muniz - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Angel Lee - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Stephanie Batson - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Michelle Coles - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Tina Rath - GLOSS Moderne Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Rachel Mitchell – CoreHome Server Set

Kathi Taylor – CoreHome Round Bowls

Elizabeth Flesher – CoreHome Chip & Dip Bowl

Kimberlee Parkhouse – Learning Train Book Set

Rebecca Pierson - Learning Train Book Set

Anesa Nahas - Learning Train Book Set

Hilda Torres - Learning Train Book Set

Danielle Winn - Learning Train Book Set

Pat Towery - Learning Train Book Set

Laura Phegley - Learning Train Book Set

Carissa Knotts - Learning Train Book Set

Melissa Tippie - Learning Train Book Set

Tricia Williams - Learning Train Book Set

Wiily Lee – $100 to Bare Necessities

“That is fantastic thank you so much!! I am going to surprise my daughter so lets address it to her here. Thank you so much!”

Linda Nguyen – Stella & Dot Jewelry, Tote & Scarf

DeAnn O’Neill – Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Leslie Guenther – Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Derelys Peterson - Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Beckie Tiggy Brown - Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Michelle Hill - Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Amy Rouse - Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Joy Person - Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Carrie Goodin - Skin Nutrition Wrinkle Reducer

Maz Raelin – Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Jamie McClung - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Paula Skeans - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Alicia Taylor - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Katrina Carr - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Huiyen Huang - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Jonna Ziniel - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Elizabeth Geiger - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Amanda Assencoa - Skin Nutrition Face and Neck Lifting Serum

Pooravi Gohil – MIXT Studio Growth Chart

Jennifer McCann – $50 to CaseMate

Tammi Laney - $50 to CaseMate

Annette Grafmyer - $50 to CaseMate

Amy Pugmire - $50 to CaseMate

Nancy Fiorenza – May Designs Note Cards & Notebook

Linda Knight - May Designs Note Cards & Notebook

Laurie Walters - May Designs Note Cards & Notebook

Krystal Wethington - May Designs Note Cards & Notebook

Linda Meranda - May Designs Note Cards & Notebook

Nancy Schools – May Designs Notebook

Sheryl Edwards - May Designs Notebook

Robin Wolfe - May Designs Notebook

Carol Tait - May Designs Notebook

Jared Miller - May Designs Notebook

Cade Joiner – $25 to BUTCH & harold

Jennifer Vergin - $25 to BUTCH & harold

Brooke Straub Frank - $25 to BUTCH & harold

Kelsey Merrill - $25 to BUTCH & harold

Bonnie Gowen - $25 to BUTCH & harold

Rhonda Klee - $25 to BUTCH & harold

Sonya Morris - $25 to BUTCH & harold

Dara Beer - $25 to BUTCH & harold

Isis Tavarez – Ameda Breast Pump

Alma Moussa – Scholastic Store Library of Baby Books

Jennifer Jones – $100 to Lisa Leonard

Jennifer Sagotsky - Joovy High Chair

Britni Bradford - Earth Mama Angel Baby Bundle

Carolina Rygula - Earth Mama Angel Baby Bundle

Erica Chao - Earth Mama Angel Baby Bundle

Malea Cooper – Baboosh Belly Wrap

Anne Hjelle – Baboosh Belly Wrap

Laetitia French – Psi Bands

Nicole Vosburgh - Psi Bands

Morgan Williamson - Psi Bands

Trisha Scott - Psi Bands

Angela Minor - Psi Bands

Carol Moore - Psi Bands

Melissa Hysell - Brooke Burke Fitness DVD

Laura Miller - Brooke Burke Fitness DVD

Stormy Ranew – Brooke Burke Fitness DVD