Meet Parents, Maia & Allan Haag, Founders of I See Me!

Award-winning storybooks -- starring your child -- that use imaginative characters to spell out their name

maia-and-allan-haag Maia and Allan Haag once received a personalized storybook for their son. They fell in love with the concept, but felt the story and images could be more customized to their child. Inspired to take personalized storybooks to the next level, the parents brainstormed characters and storylines — and were on a roll.

Their goal was to produce an educational book that would teach young kids how to recognize letters and spell their own name. Maia developed a business plan and fine-tuned the stories, and Allan — with a background in graphic design — identified a top illustrator. In 2000, I See Me! was born.

In the past thirteen years, Maia and Allan have formed an entire team dedicated to producing imaginative, personalized storybooks that celebrate each child.  I See Me! now has a full line of books for every occasion — including holidays, birthdays, and more. Bestsellers include My Very Own Name, My Very Own Fairy Tale, and My Very Happy Birthday, which have become popular among celebrity parents like Jessica Alba, Brooke Shields, and Courtney Cox. All books come wrapped in a box (perfect for gift-giving!) and will be treasured by kids for years to come.

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