DIY Kid Crafts and Activities

Plum District shares our favorite kid's crafts and activities for school breaks and rainy days

When the final school bell rings this holiday break, kids celebrate their freedom from the classroom. Whether it’s an ordinary school day soaked with rain or the end of a semester, we have to be fully prepared with loads of activities to keep them entertained – without keeping them glued to electronics – while they’re home.

The good news: it’s easy to continue challenging their minds, keep them active, and have fun together during school breaks or stormy afternoons. Store-bought crafts, games and activities can be costly. Instead of splurging, there are infinite DIY projects and solutions that you can create with materials you already have at home! It’s time to do-it-yourself, Mama, and create some lasting memories perfect during any holiday or school break.

Using wooden craft sticks (we know you’ve got Popsicles stored in the freezer!), craft together giant DIY snowflakes. Perfect for the season, they’re easy to glue together and kids will love making their own designs. Then kids can paint them, color them with markers, or we recommend coating them with glitter! Let them experiment with shapes for a full day of creatively-crafty activity. Plus, get some more shape and decorating ideas at

Once you’re in the crafty spirit, become adventurous world travelers with your kids – without even leaving the living room! All those leftover, recycled and unused boxes and cardboard tubes from holiday packaging are perfect for crafting DIY airplanes, cardboard cars, trains and other things that go-go-go, keeping your kids’ imaginations active and playful with engaging activities like building and racing!

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Keep the grey winter bright with some colorful kid’s crafts this holiday break too! Kids will love getting a little messy and creative indoors, and you’ll love easy clean up. Let the kids melt wax crayons with a hair dryer to craft a colorful canvas design (use holiday colors to be extra festive!), or use food coloring in squirt bottles to paint holiday designs in snow. Making a few DIY no-mess finger painting stations with plastic taped over paint and paper will provide hours of artistic activity, and little ones won’t get their handprints on your walls!


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One of our all-time favorite DIY kids crafts (that also makes a one-of-a-kind gift!) are Slip-Proof Socks. Using puff paints, you and the kids can create designs on the bottom of socks to keep tootsies warm while they’re running around the house on holidays and winter break!

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