School Cool: Get Prepped for the First Day Now!

We look back on some of our favorite school supplies and share some of new finds!

A lot has changed about school since we were there. But one steadfast stumbling block is the need to possess cool school supplies. We polled our staff and found that every Plum person either had a joyous memory of school supplies past or was surprisingly still bitter about a dorky lunch box. We put out heads together and came up with the school supplies that most stood out to us as indisputably cool. Then we found a few of our own deals, which are guaranteed to be a hit with your kids!

JanSport Backpacks

Our office was very accepting of the idea that there are many “really cute” non-JanSport bags out there. But JanSport was easily the crowd-favorite. JanSport bags have evolved pretty nimbly over time and they seem to still have a chokehold on the kids backpack market. (They’ve been producing backpacks since 1967.) So I was not surprised to see the expansion of their brand into messenger bags, totes and purses. It’s not a backpack it’s a JanSport.

Plum Deal: Kitsel Kids Clothing

Go to this website. Go to this website right now and try not to say “awwww” because we couldn’t. Every kid needs a great first day outfit, but Kitsel can keep that stylish impression going every day following.

Trapper Keepers and Folders

It’s possible that many of the world’s pack rats got their start with Trapper Keepers. These glossy gems could pocket, store and, well, trap every piece of paper you had been given that year. The look of trapper keepers and folders has evolved, but I’m sure all of us remember images of deep space, paint splattered abstractions or fuzzy kittens looking up at us during class. Trapper Keepers are still very much around, but they’ve adapted a cleaner, less 80’s music video look.

Plum Deal: Label Daddy

With kids, personalization is always cool. With moms, organization is always cool. These two qualities hit a happy cross roads with our offer from Label Daddy.

Lisa Frank

We’ve saved the most prominent for last. Not only did those polled remember their Lisa Frank items, they still felt a swelling of rainbow-colored pride when detailing exactly how many unicorns were on their favorite folders. While many school supply brands have evolved. Lisa Frank has remained steadfast in its mission to paint the world with as many colors as possible. There is even a Lisa Frank mobile app, which allows you to place the brand’s bold stickers on your own photos. The app does not allow you to ride a winged horse across the sky and slide down rainbow waterfalls, but we all need our dreams.


So what are your favorite school supplies memories? Is there anything you HAD to have? We’d love to hear about best (or worst) back to school buys. And don’t forget to check out all the A+ Back to School offers at Plum District!