How Does Your Garden Grow? Composting Can Be Fun!

Blogger OC Garden Jen shares her secret on getting rid of pesky weeds for good!

“Judge every day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow.”

As a busy, working mother of two girls, I am constantly challenged with ways to sow the seeds of a healthy lifestyle and for our family that means growing our own food whenever possible.  While I enjoy it, my daughter’s still regard gardening as somewhat of a chore. They certainly enjoy cutting flowers and arranging them for the house, picking vegetables, and playing with our flock of chickens — they don’t, however, seem to enjoy weeding.  (I know, I know, my kids are the ONLY kids that don’t enjoy weeding, right?!)

So that’s why when I discovered the Lasagna Gardening Technique, also known as, Sheet Composting I was in LOVE!  Lasagna Gardening doesn’t grow lasagna’s or even the ingredients for making lasagna (unless you want it to), rather, Lasagna Gardening is a technique of layering easily sourced organic materials, such as grass clippings, manure, and more until you have created a new no-dig planting bed!  No digging, no weeding, seriously!  It’s a very fun family activity and a great science lesson as well.

To begin, lay down a layer of cardboard or newspaper wherever you want your new planting bed to be.  Let your kids help you ‘litter.’ I promise they’ll be interested for at least five minutes.  Then, give them the hose and let them wet down the cardboard/newspaper layer.  This important first step smothers the grass and weeds below and then breaks down after a year or so.

Next, start layering your ingredients (click here for a list of commonly available ingredients) and the kids can help with this as well.  Let them help you find the ingredients around town, too! This is a great opportunity to explain how composting materials turns them into soil known in the garden world as ‘Black Gold’ and keeps them out of our landfills.

Once you have finished your Lasagna Garden, cover it with black plastic and let it bake in the sun for a few weeks or months, dependent upon your patience.  Or just top off yours with a few inches of good quality soil and plant your new bed.

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OC Garden Jen started her blog as an online garden diary. She loves to talk all thinks flora and fauna on her blog or you can follower her on Twitter, Pinterest, Innstagram and Facebook @OCGardenJen.