Wrap Yourself Up in Memories!

Memory blankets are a crafty, unique way to preserve your kids' childhood.

By Melissa Carlisle

Melissa Carlisle is a local and national District Consultant, as well as the author of the MelissaStuff blog. She’s the mother of three boys – 6, 4 and 2 years old – making it easy for her to know exactly what kinds of deals you are looking for as a mom.

As your kids outgrow their baby clothes it can be incredibly difficult to bring yourself to throw them out.  There’s that adorable preemie outfit, the toddler shirt that fit their budding personality perfectly, or even the blanket that they couldn’t live without for years.

But what do you do with them? Keeping a stack of clothes, blankets and bibs for years seems silly. What will your kids do with any of that stuff?

Memory blankets are the perfect answer. Experienced quilters can take outfits, t-shirts, blankets, and even smaller sentimental pieces can be preserved in a gorgeous, functional quilt.  If you’re the crafty type with basic sewing skills, you can make a memory quilt on your own. There are some great tutorials like Lil Blue Boo and The Bunk House , that show you how to make a tee-shirt quilt, step-by-step!

If that’s beyond your skill-set or you have little kids running around your house getting into every project you start, there are some great online solutions.  If you are comfortable mailing off your memorabilia to a seamstress and paying $150 – $1000+, professional quilters will take your shirts, create a quilt and ship it right back to you.

My personal opinion is to grab a memory quilt offer right here on Plum District, like this offer from Mominizer – and have a quilt made in the easiest, most economic way possible!  Save your money, time and memories all at the same time!

Have you made a memory blanket (or had one made)?  What materials did you use?  Did you keep it for yourself or give it to your kids?