The Crazy Things Our Kids Do

The Crazy Things Our Kids Do

Being a mom is a tough job and we love our kids, but sometimes things just get crazy

Leave it to the little ones to stump us with the most unusual occurrences.

Here’s one story from Grabriela, a Plum District Consultant who lives in Connecticut:

Last Sunday afternoon my 5-year-old, Charlotte, lost her first tooth.  She is almost six and has been watching her friends lose teeth all year, waiting eagerly for her turn.  That evening, we were getting the girls ready for bed when we suddenly heard screaming, crying and huge commotion.  My husband and I ran to where the girls were to see what the problem was.  We found both of our girls in a panic and managed to figure out that Charlotte had taken her loose tooth and shoved it up her nose!  When we tried to assure Charlotte that there was no reason to be scared.  She explained to us that she was not scared, she just needed to know if the tooth fairy would still come!

We looked in her nostril and saw nothing. My husband – who happens to be a doctor – looked up her nostril with an otoscope and then looked at me, bewildered, and said, “I can’t see anything.”  I then asked, “So what do we do?”  After 6 years of specialty training at some of New York’s top medical centers, and seeing “everything”, he said, “I have no idea.  I have never seen anything like this!”  Leave it to a 5-year-old to completely stump a seasoned medical professional.

The rest of night involved a number of phone calls consulting other medical professionals.  On Monday morning we visited an ENT doctor, who also looked completely dismayed.  She looked up Charlotte’s nose with an otoscope and saw nothing.  After further exploration, which involved a fiber optic camera and a lot of squirming, it was determined that she must have swallowed it!  The ENT doctor made Charlotte agree to never put anything else up her nose, they shook on it and we were on our way.

In the end, Charlotte was no worse for the wear, even when I told her that I would not be retrieving her lost tooth when it finally reappears.  In case you are wondering, the tooth fairy did come.  She left money and a note stating her disappointment and asking that Charlotte not shove any more teeth in her nose.  Lastly, it has occurred to me that this is karma for all of the crazy (and often disgusting) things I did to my parents.  What’s a mom to do?