Teacher’s Pet – Show Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation week starts today. Here are some ideas for showing your appreciation that are easy and fun.

By Jill Holland

Jill has been a District Consultant in San Diego since December 2011.  She has a 13 year old daughter and an 11 year old son.

In Encinitas, a beach town and suburb of sunny San Diego, families try to keep Teacher Appreciation Week simple, affordable for parents, and meaningful for teachers!  These are some A+ gift ideas that you can do anywhere, and anytime of year, so your child’s teacher will feel the love all year round:

  • Flower Day:  If each child picks and brings a flower from their yard, one parent can arrange them quickly in a vase for a lovely bouquet. Watching the parade of kids carrying flowers to school is adorable, and the arrangement will be as unique as each student in the class.
  • Fruit Day:  Think outside the apple.  Each child brings a piece of fresh fruit from home on this day and everyone chips in for a bowl. Voila! A beautiful fruit arrangement that every family can easily participate in.
  • Coffee Day:  A few parents bring the teacher’s favorite coffee or tea from their favorite coffee spot, favorite breakfast treat, and surprises them at their break. Parents can also chip in for an extra bag of coffee and have all the kids sign a mug.
  • Spa Day:  Parents can chip in to buy a mani/pedi or massage and package the gift certificate with some lotions, scented candle and card.
  • Restaurant:  Chip in for a gift certificate to a local restaurant so they can end their week with a delicious meal.  Include a nice bottle of wine with the card, and toast to them.

Simple, honest appreciation from kids and parents versus grandiose gifts seem to touch teachers the most.  They dedicate every day to your children, so dedicating a few days to them is worth the creativity and gesture.