Rockin’ Hot Mom Jeans

There are plenty of jeans out there that are comfortable AND stylish. One Plum District Consultant shares her favorites.

Gigi is a District Consultant in San Francisco, California. She has a 4-year old son (Liam), a 1-year old daughter (Amelie), and a 12-year old Pug (Penelope).

Motherhood isn’t always stylish, and it certainly isn’t glamorous. But if you’re like most females on the planet, you know that finding a pair of jeans is critical, and is often a humbling battle with the victor being anyone but you (at least that’s my experience). Whether you’re short, tall, curvy, or straight, getting a fantastic pair of jeans is almost as good, if not better, than – well, you fill in the blank…

Being a mom and being a jean-wearing mom can be a bit tricky. Tina Fey and our friends at SNL gave us countless laughs (and a complex!) with their timeless spoof on the Mom Jean:

My favorite jeans come from a variety of brands. My criteria – aside from wanting to look fantastic – is comfort, since I’m herding kiddos and managing a household. I have no time for binding, pinching, and certainly no time for sucking it in. Believe it or not, and all laughing aside, we can be moms – in jeans – and look fabulous, glamorous… and, yes, even rockin’…

Old Navy makes fantastic and affordable jeans that not only flaunt your figure but also help keep the budget-conscience mom in a happy place.

A good trouser is unbeatable. The best pair I’ve found is by Level 99. They have a classic tailored cut and quality, and they look terrific dressed up with heels and a jacket, or can be dressed down for a more casual look.

I was also recently introduced to the Miraclebody denim line, from the makers of the celebrated Miraclesuit swimwear. The Katie Signature Tacked is excellent, comfortable, and, I have to admit, they make my body (and booty) look pretty phenom.