Mom Bloggers with the Best Style

Style is about a lot more than just a wardrobe, but in this case, we'd love to raid their closets!

Mom bloggers are engaged in their communities, seeking useful, fun, and trendy information to share with the world. These particular mom bloggers have style (and brains!) that we absolutely adore!

Nicole Feliciano – Mom Trends

Some fashionistas refuse to give up high heels even after the kids come along.  You’ll find regular tips for living well and making the most out of motherhood, profiles of inspiring Momtrenpreneurs, fashion trends, reviews and more.


Audrey Couto McClelland – Mom Generations

Audrey Couto McClelland left the fashion world of Donna Karan International in NYC to raise her brood of four boys. She’s learned that you can take the girl out of the Fashion District, but you can’t take the Fashion District out of the girl.


James Kicinski-McCoy – Bleu Bird Vintage

James encourages other moms to get up and get dressed every day. When you take a little bit of time for yourself each morning, you feel better physically and emotionally. There’s no need to give up your style just because you had a baby!


Nina – Momma Go Round

Nina offers style, on a real budget, for real women. Join her as she tackles the latest fashions, discovers what works, and what doesn’t, craft new styles and accesories, while making it all toddler-friendly!


Andrea Fellman – Savvy Sassy Moms

Andrea Fellman is a mom who hasn’t lost her style to motherhood! Savvy is to be experienced, well-informed, intelligent. Sassy is to be lively, spirited, stylish and chic.


Becki Crosby – Whippy Cake

Becki Crosby is the mom in the grocery store sporting the just-rolled-out-of-bed look with a posh twist to make you think she did it on purpose. She wears stripes with polka dots and white after Labor Day!