Family Photos, Awkward Style

Family Photos, Awkward Style

It's not always easy to get a good shot. And sometimes we look back and simply say, "Why?"

A few of our good staff members here at Plum District have kindly volunteered to share theirs for your enjoyment — because after all, we’re all family, right?

The photo above comes from Kerri Roggensack, a District Consultant who lives in Lafayette, California.  Kerri is mother to three daughters: Clara (6), Sisi (5), and Lenie (3).  In this photo, Clara (wearing the orange dress) is held by Kerri’s husband, Claus, on Halloween.

I’m curious about the person in the middle… a classic costume, I must say!

Next, we have a shot from Kate Goepferd, a Plum District Site Manager.  Kate’s comment on this one? “A little bit country, a little bit embarrassed.”

Kate:  Thank you for this.

The following comes from Deb Clem-Buckert, a Regional Manager in Kansas City, who’s mother to Rosie (11). This photo was taken circa 1976, and Deb (bottom right, in red) says it was one of the more awkward family moments she can remember. Let’s just say that an unpleasant smell overcame the room right before the shot.

Last but certainly not least, we have a photo from Suzanne Allen-Weise, a District Consultant from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Suzanne is mom to five delightful children (between ages 8 and 14) who were, more or less, willing to grant her her birthday wish last year for one more Santa photo. Clearly, they were thrilled. How does Suzanne feel about this picture? It’s exactly what she expected, and she thinks it’s perfect.

You can’t always get everyone to cooperate when the time comes for a family photo. The “perfect” shot is rare.  Really, though, some of the best photos have each family member doing his or her own thing. At the end of the day, when hold the photo, at least you can smile about the fact that you brought the crew together and made some memories.

If you have an awkward family photo you’d like to share – and are willing to have it posted to our blog – please leave a comment and we’ll contact you! The more, the merrier. We love family photos.