The Candy-Free Easter Egg Hunt

Avoid extra hyper kiddos and sugar surges with these tips for a sweet tooth free good time!

Sometimes it feels like the holidays have become synonymous with candy. Every month there’s a new celebration that leaves your overflowing pantry with chocolates, lollipops, and other irresistible treats. With Easter Sunday comes jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and Cadbury eggs (not to mention Grandma’s famous sugar cookies)!

Our Indiana-based District Consultant Heather has some great ideas on keeping the cavities at bay, but still keeping the festivities fun during your family’s annual Easter egg hunt.

“I color-code some of the eggs so each child gets their designated surprises,” she explains. “ For example, my daughter Kaitlyn gets to find all of the purple eggs this year!”

This tactic helps keep things fair on the playing field and lets you plan out appropriate surprises for each age group.

Trying to cut out some of the sugar-crashes and chocolate smudges this year? Well just say “no” to the traditional Bunny delivery, and say “hello” to candy-free Easter egg hunt. Here are some fun, non-candy items to hide inside plastic Easter eggs for all ages. Bonus tip: Have your kids help decorate the plastic eggs with colorful markers or puff paint before you stuff them with goodies.

For Baby Hunters under the age of 3:
- Goldfish
- Cheerios/Fruit Loops
- Animal Crackers
- Mini-plush animals

For Little Bunnies ages 3-6:
- Pennies and coins
- Bouncy balls
- Puzzle pieces hidden among a bunch of different eggs
- Stickers
- Character Band-Aids
- Play-Doh
- Mini bubble bottles

For Big Kids:
- Lego pieces
- Hair accessories
- Jewelry
- Dollar bills
- Inflatable beach balls
- Temporary tattoos
- Gum

For everyone:
- Family coupons which can be redeemed for bigger prizes (like a family night out to the movies, a book, or a Barbie)
- Real eggs – Hard boil and decorate some real eggs the night before and have everyone help paint them. The kids will love finding the eggs they helped decorate.

What non-candy items do you plan on including in your Easter egg hunt this year? Let us know.