Skin Care

Skincare Tips to Get You Glowing

Skincare Tips from Plum District's Experts - Our Moms!

Ah, post-winter skin. That pastiness! That flakiness! That general ickiness! After a few months bracing harsh winds and soppy snow, your face could use some major TLC. Of course, year-round skin care is a vital part of maintaining a healthy complexion. We chatted with some of Plum District’s trusted network of Moms to get their tips for healthy, gorgeous skin for the whole family.


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Melissa Carlisle – (District Consultant – Dallas)

My biggest skin secret is to exfoliate, wash and moisturize. Yes, ma’am, the exact same advice your mother probably gave you as a 12 or 13-year-old girl. But the truth of it is, there’s a reason for each step. When you skip a step, your skin pays the consequences.


Deb Clem – (Regional Manager – Kansas City)

I grew up in the 80′s when it was still cool to slather on the baby oil and bake in the sun. My mom always made us wear sunblock when we played tennis (which was so uncool) but I thank her now as my 40-something year-old mommy skin looks great. I wear SPF every single day and as the sun’s rays get warmer in the spring, I make sure that we’re all covered and that there’s plenty in my tennis bag. My other tip for great skin: water. Nothing gives you a springtime glow better than hydration.


Shannon Vetter – (District Consultant, Frederick, MD)

Springtime can be a difficult and deceiving time for us moms to adequately protect our kids from the sun. It can be cool and breezy and still the sun can do damage to our kids’ skin. My second daughter is so fair, with pale skin, blue eyes, blond hair (the kind we pay for with BIG bucks!) and freckles. I always think of her as the barometer for the five of us. If I adequately protect her, then we are all fine. I put Neutrogena face 70 SPF sunscreen on everyone including myself.


I always use the lotion, rather than the spray. I think that the sprays create a lot of waste. It takes a bit more time to slather up the kids with the lotion, but then I know they are covered and protected…at least for the next two hours when I need to re-apply!