Plum District Beautifies a Park

Saturday we gave back a little to our Earth and our beautiful city

In the spirit of Earth Day a few of us Plummies volunteered for The Natural Areas Program at Golden Gate Park. We woke up and drove to the park on this gloriously sunny  Saturday morning and were greeted cheerfully by our enthusiastic and very knowledgable gardner Dylan. Dylan told us that we would be working on an area of the park called Oak Grove. He explained to us the history of Oak Grove and how he and the team at Golden Gate Park work in coordination with volunteers to restore indigenous plant life to areas of the park.

As we walked through the area, Dylan would point out rare and locally specific plants that none of us had ever heard of or realized were specific to the San Francisco area. We were quickly tasked with helping promote the growth of these plans. We put on some gloves and began working away and weeding anything that might prohibit the growth of these plants. For Maggie, Sasha and myself this was a couple hours on our Saturday well spent. It was really amazing to help contribute to beautifying such a robust little ecosystem in our big city.

Maggie and Melissa checking out plants in Oak Grove

Maggie hard at work weeding

Help celebrate Earth by organizing a work or family event and spend a couple hours giving back to our beautiful planet! Try searching the National Park Service or contacting your local recreation department.