Kid-Tested Finger Foods

Their a tough audience but we have some finger foods they'll love!

We wouldn’t usually advocate eating with your hands, but we also wouldn’t trust a 5-year-old with a steak knife! That’s why we asked our moms for some easy finger food options that will keep even your fussiest eater feed.

Shannon Vetter lives in Fredrick, Maryland and has her hands full with three kids; two daughters ages 10 and 7 and a little boy that’s 5 years old. She keeps her brood on the go with a menu of hand held snacks.

At my house fruit kabobs are always a big hit.  They’re bright and colorful and the kids eat more off a stick than a plate – this trick also works well with grilled veggies.  Simply thread cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and the like onto a skewer and they’ll disappear in an instant.

My kids like variety and activity, so dipping always goes over well. I slice up apples, pears, and other fruit, then have the kids scoop peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, warm cheese, even caramel for a sweet treat. You can also plunge pita triangles and veggies into a dish of dip. We spread hummus on them but the possibilities are limitless.

Dry cereal is a no brainer.  It’s portable and not too messy.  My little chefs love to mix several brands together using their signature “recipe.” It’s too cute!


Rebecca Buscemi loves living on Chesapeake Bay with her hubby of eight years. She has a 6 year old mama’s boy and 3 year old daddy’s girl.

My kids are constantly eating everything from inside the sandwich and leaving the bread behind? If only giving up carbs were that easy for everyone! Here’s a quick recipe that I use to get some bread in their bellies.

1. Spread cream cheese onto a pretzel or bread stick.

2. Squeeze one line of easy cheese or wrap a slice of cheese onto the stick.

3. Add mustard if desired

4. Wrap lunch meat around the stick and enjoy!

My kids get frustrated when their pizza topping come sliding off their slice. So I give them ‘cups’ of pizza that stays put!

1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees

2. Cut pitas in half

3. Pop them in the oven for 5-7 min

4. When they come out the oven, the edges should be curled up a bit creating a ‘cup

5. Spread your sauce and cheese on asap so the cheese melts on the hot bread

6. Add other ingredients as desired

Someday your kiddos will dine like little ladies and gents with a mastery of every utensil imaginable even those tricky escargot crackers – we’ve all see Pretty Woman, right?! But for now, it’s a job keeping them on the go with full tummies and smiling faces. Use these quick tricks to satisfy the appetites in your family