A Craft On The Go for All Ages!

Sometimes you need to buy yourself a little time and keep the kids occupied - we love this idea

Heather lives in Fishers, Indiana and is a busy mom to four kids ages eight down to 18 months.  She’s an avid USC Trojans fan, loves teaching cardio kickboxing at her local gym, and relishes time with her family! Now let’s get crafting!

If you’re like us, you’ve been counting down the days until this year’s summer vacation. The only thing we’re not excited about is the heavy packing – especially for activities the kids can do while you’re sitting on a long airplane ride, waiting for the best restaurant in town, or even winding down at the hotel. Luckily Heather, one of our Plum District mommas has some great crafts on the go! Check out this one.

Ink Dot Pictures

Supplies Needed: Stamp Pad, Pencils with erasers, White paper

(I keep my supplies in a zipped pencil pouch to keep everything contained.  Also, I usually carry a clipboard in my “go bag” to provide a workspace when we’re out and about)


  1. Draw a light outline for your picture in pencil.  Have fun with this – it can be shapes, letters, or even an abstract drawing!
  2. Press the pencil eraser into the stamp pad, and then stamp the ink dot on your picture.  Continue doing this – following the outline you drew – until the outline is covered!
  3. I color code my pencils, and have a purple pencil to use in the purple ink, a pink pencil to use in the pink ink, and a blue pencil to use in the blue ink.  This helps minimize the colors getting mixed together!

My Kindergarden daughter, Sadie, is six years old and loves this activity – it’s a great way for her to practice patterns and get creative with her outline sketch.