Plum District’s Solution to Last Minute Shopping – Print n’ Go Gifts!

Last minute shopping has never been so easy

The hustle and bustle of the holidays has a certain charm, but it can also be annoying … finding a decent parking spot at the mall … wedging your way through isles at Target … waiting outside a store at 4am to get that in-demand gift … and finally running to Walgreens at midnight on Christmas Eve because you ran out of tape while wrapping the stocking stuffers. Oh, and who can forget that pesky budget you promised to stick to, but somehow those dollars just don’t go far enough.

Plum District gets it, because we have all been there. Our lists our expanding, our budgets are tightening, and the mall is just not seeming all that appealing when you have to load and unload three kids. So we present you with our solution to last minute shopping on a budget - Print n’ Go gifts! We are totally serious – just pick out a local experience, an online deal, or a much needed vacay, and 3 clicks later you can print out a giftable voucher. Stick your voucher in an envelope, attach a bow, and you are good to go! You look like a total champ, gave someone twice the value of what you spent, saved a bundle doing it, and never had to leave the house. Take that Santa!

Our challenge to you – shop last minute … it’s easy!

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By Colleen Smith