What They Don’t Tell You About Mommyhood

In the world of motherhood, I think the only thing that prepares you for what’s ahead is to surround yourself with other moms.

If you had told me a year ago that I’d be working for a San Francisco-based daily deal website that catered to moms I would have laughed at you.  Well, maybe not at you, but I definitely would have been chuckling on the inside.  I mean, I have a graduate degree in French Literature.  I spent the last eight years working at Sotheby’s Auction House.  My strengths are discussing existentialist literature and explaining a Jeff Koons sculpture.  What on earth would I know about finding a deal for a birthday party entertainer, or where to get a discount on those cute shoes I saw someone wearing at the water park?  Yet here I am entering month three of being a district consultant for Plum District.  And you know what?  I love it!  It’s such a gift to work at a place that not only embraces the fact that I’m a mom, but encourages me to use my newfound abilities in a business environment.

When you stop to think about it, you really do learn a whole new skill set as a mom.   And these aren’t skills I read about in the 16 books I bought during my pregnancy, or practiced in the myriad of prenatal classes I took.  These were learned over the course of twelve months in a constant array of trial by fire situations.  I can change a diaper while my child is running around the living room holding a maraca.  I can breastfeed on a park bench while emptying my diaper bag of long-forgotten raisins and puffs.   I can do the funniest pretend sneeze this side of the Mississippi.  I can have a heated discussion about the distance covered by projectile vomit.  I mean, these are serious strengths.  But then the sobering fact hits me that I have so much more to learn.  Sometimes I feel like I have completed my first year at Mom University and while I puff my chest out about my credentials, I cower when I see the upper classmen walk by toting scooters and soccer balls and (gasp) siblings?!  I watch them from afar with star struck awe.

They say knowledge is power, but from where do you get that knowledge?  In the world of motherhood, I think the only thing that prepares you for what’s ahead is to surround yourself with other moms.  We are simultaneously each other’s teacher and student, guidance counselor and teammate, mentor and mentee.  Plum District expands this network of knowledge by providing us all with great resources, ideas, and of course, deals.  As a district consultant, I look forward to sharing some of my education with you and your family.   And if you ever want to talk about those Koons sculptures, well that would be just fine too!