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Making “Me” Time

Being a busy mom has its perks.

Being a busy mom has its perks. There’s never a dull moment. I get to carry around adorable organizational accessories. I can tell my husband to order dinner in because I’m too tired to cook. And I can pull the “me time” card when things get too hectic.

When it’s time to spend time on me, I tend to do something like get a pedicure or go shopping. But one of my favorite “me time” activities is sending everyone out of the house so I can stay in. Being alone in a quiet house is my favorite way to wind down. I can eat ice cream in bed and watch sappy movies. I can walk around in my underpants or stay in my jammies all day (I tend to do this anyway…ha!). I can just be me without worrying for a moment.

And in this moment, I’m only thinking about me. It’s ok – we can do that sometimes. So let me share with you one of my new found favorite deal sites and maybe you’ll think about you too.

We’ve all seen group shopping and discount sites, but we’ve not seen one like Plum District. The ladies at Plum District have taken the time to sort out the joys of “mom time” and “me time” and have created deals specifically tailored to my needs. I’m having a hard time deciding what items I want to spend my account dollars on! How about you? Don’t you deserve some “me time” too?

Kelly Loubet is a Mom, Writer, Speaker, Doodler of notes, Part-time jet-setter, Full-time optimist and Director of Social Community Marketing at Social2B. Find her blogging at EverydayChildhood and on Twitter @childhood.