From Punky Brewster to Plum District Advisor

Plum District is Excited to Announce Soleil Moon Frye is Officially Part of the Family

I am so thrilled to join the board of advisors at Plum District! As the mother of two kids, I totally get how hard it is to balance “Me” time and “Mom” time. When I discovered the site I was instantly in love. After speaking to their CEO, Megan Gardner, I knew I had a new friend for life — and everyone on the Plum District team has been so welcoming.

As I look into the future, and working with the company, I foresee lots of magical moments ahead of us. Megan told me how excited everyone was to have me aboard, and what a perfect fit she thought I would be for Plum District.


About Soleil:

Enthusiastic, spunky and positive, Punky Brewster was the quintessential eighties kid. Today the always lovable girl who played the classic character on TV is all grown up, a married mom of two, an author, a designer, a mompreneur and a social media maven with over 1.4 million followers on twitter, and 100,000 Facebook fans.

Adding author to her repertoire, Soleil will release her much anticipated first book Happy Chaos, which chronicles her ‘perfectly imperfect’ adventures in parenting on August 23. It portrays a humorous and helpful look at her freewheeling journey through parenthood; from her own childhood adventures to becoming a mother herself and a major voice in the mom space. She is also Target’s Mommy Ambassador. Soleil loves connecting with moms and has been a huge supporter of Plum District since its inception, and offers the team a wealth of expertise in social media and all things mommy.