From One SuperMom to Another…

When I brought my first six pound eleven ounce child home from the hospital, I did not realize I was in for the hardest job I would ever have.

For any woman who made the decision to stay home with her children rather than return to work, I am sure you did it with the same ignorance I did.  When I brought my first six pound eleven ounce child home from the hospital, I did not realize I was in for the hardest job I would ever have.  Twenty-four hours of care for someone other than my husband.  Forget the degrees, suits hanging in my closet, or deals I had closed a month earlier…I was a mother.

Thirteen years and two more children later, I am still providing 24 hours worth of care – it just entails much more driving and oodles of patience.  The professional woman I once was has transformed into a woman that can drive three kids to three different schools every day, make 3 square meals a day with snacks in between, volunteer at all of their sports teams and school PTAs, bake 4 dozen cookies at the drop of a hat, care for 2 dogs, 1 cat, keep the laundry going non-stop, learn how to throw a Lacrosse ball, teach my 7 year old son how to wear a cup, groom and tack a horse for my 10 year old, and navigate tweenage hormones

I was introduced to Plum District through my brother-in-law who was a friend of Megan Gardner.  After talking to her, I was amazed that there was actually a job out there for me: one where I could utilize all of my talents, especially my big mouth, to make a little extra money and have something for myself while being able to work around my kids’ crazy schedules.  Something that was a vague resemblance of the professional career I once had.  Becoming a DC was a natural fit.  I love to meet new people, especially business owners.  And I love to tell all of my friends, and anyone who is unfortunate enough to stand behind me in the grocery line, about where they should go to eat, shop and play.

One of the most exciting and wonderful things that has come from my role as a DC for Plum District is the relationship I have built with my vendors.  I have made dozens of new friends.  I have become invested in their businesses and really want them to succeed.  In particular, Louise C. Clow who is the proprietor of Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed in Terra Linda, CA.  She is an amazing woman who, instead of just complaining about the fast food industry, is fixing it by providing an incredible alternative for us to feed our children.  I would have never met her if I hadn’t searched out her business.  Her spirit and determination have inspired me.

The women I work with at Plum District have become my friends. It is so nice to be able to meet women who really get who you are and where you are coming from.  I feel like I have a new extended family and we are all in the trenches of raising a family and trying to rediscover ourselves at the same time.  I really am grateful for my position at Plum District and am so excited to see where the next few years will take us!