New digs for the District

Today was quite the day here at Plum HQ: our first day in our new (temporary) offices!

We moved our belongings from the old place Friday afternoon, and started fresh today at a new address. It’s one of those office spaces built specifically for startups, with lots of small companies packed next to one another and common areas for mingling and “idea cross-pollination.” (For the uninitiated, that’s when two people meet at the coffee machine. One says, “We do web work,” and the other says, “So do we!”)

There were a few fits and starts, which are to be expected when you move (Where is the bathroom, anyway?), but overall things went quite smoothly.

Being the adventurous sort, we had to get out and explore. Our fearless leader, Megan, devised a scavenger hunt to get the entire team acquainted with our new surroundings. Because she’s crafty, the hunt also had an ulterior motive: to compile a list of places that we’ll find useful. Rachel and Dave took care of finding the most important one:

Rachel & Dave at Zeke's

Rachel and Dave find the essentials

So for a couple hours we found ourselves running around the building introducing ourselves to the neighbors (some took it better than others and were rewarded with super-luxe Plum District re-usable bags) and wandering the streets searching for the best spots to park, eat, shop, work out, grab coffee, and the like. I think our experience in sniffing out great deals for moms came in pretty handy here…we found quite a bunch! You can bet we’ll be spending lots of lunch money here:

Chavo's menu

Our local Mexican joint

The winning team (Tizzy, Margaret, and me) gets to buy something fun for the permanent office we’ll be moving into soon. Can’t wait to see what we come up with…In the meantime: look out, neighborhood! Plum District is here!