Sneak Peek for week of 11/1

I must admit, I love to look at what deals are coming up here at Plum District.  I sat down on Sunday night, after sampling a few of my daughters Halloween candies (whoops!) and took at look at the line up this week.  I have already planned out what I am going to buy (a little head start on my holiday shopping)!   I think the deals are so great, that I decided to share them with you.

You can expect Tuesday to be a turning of the tides, and give those who love to cook a great deal.  Our featured deal on Wednesday comes from a company that one of our Regional Sales Managers saw featured on the Today show.  She was already planning her holiday gift list and was searching for the perfect personalized gift to give.  Now she is sharing her fabulous find with all of our subscribers.  On Thursday you can get a fantastic deal on organic clothing, and help the planet at the same time!  For each organic tee-shirt, or bamboo shirt purchased the featured company will plant a tree through a partnership with Trees for the Future.  A good deal and a good deed, all in one day!  Do you ever wonder where your neighbor gets those cute notepads and address labels she uses to write you a thank you note?  Well, we found out where she gets them and we are sharing the secret with you on Friday.

I love cooking and would love to get a few culinary lessons to teach me some correct techniques (now I just wing it and hope for the best!).  I work full-time, am certifying to be a Pilates instructor, and  as if I did not have enough on my plate, I volunteered on the council of a local museum. Of course I also have the best job of all, being a mom.  Needless to say, I don’t have a lot of free time.  After researching cooking schools and classes, I could not find anything that fit into my schedule.  I then went on the hunt for an online cooking school, does that even exist?  Is is better than just tuning into the Food Network? (don’t get me wrong, I do love a good Paula Dean recipe!)  After much research I found something perfect that I could do on my own time, had quick, easy to follow tutorials, and even has online step by step recipes. Rouxbe… you had me at “on your own time”!  So I have decided to share my favorite find with you this Sunday.


I hope all of you enjoy the deals this week, we always working to bring you unique finds from great vendors.  Let us know what you love or a business you would love to see featured!