Happy Holidays….a sneak peek at tomorrow’s deal

So it’s that time of year again, the holiday is fast approaching and I’m trying to get into the mind set.  My parents are coming in for Thanksgiving, my daughter is turning 2, we have something planned every weekend between now and Christmas….and sometime between now and then I have to send Christmas cards and buy gifts.  Lots to do, not enough time!!  I love the holidays and love giving to my loved ones, but the spend always hurts a little.  I love that I can do almost all my shopping on Plum District for great deals on all my gifts!  Since I am privy to all the deals coming up in the next month, I thought I would share with you one that I especially love, that is coming up tomorrow.

Sometime between now and the second week of December I need to capture that special Kodak moment, because I need an updated photo for our holiday photo cards.  This means that I need to have a picture where everyone has their eyes open, is smiling, and it wouldn’t hurt if it happened to be a slimming shot of me (I know, a bit vain, but I’m being honest here!)  The picture is only one step of the process, then you need to decide where to purchase them, how many to buy, and then I actually need to address them and send them out.  In never fails that I am short on cards, am scrambling to find a new address of a friend, or get massive hand cramps from all the writing.  Though there are steps that are not fun about it, I still love, that in the age of email and Facebook, to be able to to send a piece of mail.  I also love receiving cards from our friends and family with new pictures and an update on what is new in their lives.  This year I get to send holiday cards AND get a discount with our deal tomorrow….perfect!  In addition to holiday cards, the deal will be valid toward customizable calendars and photo books.  As of last year I began to give both my parents and in-laws photo books that summarize our year, with pictures and captions.  Both have told me that they think it is the best present they get every year.  So no matter if you are in need to holiday cards, a fantastic calendar for the new year, or want to give the great gift of a personalized photo book, tune in tomorrow and check out our deal!