What Possessed You to Take This Job?

I’ve been asked that question a number of times over the past few months and always have a quick response.  I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur–how could I say no to a group of angel investors that wanted me to run their company.  I knew in high school that I wanted to run my own company one day.  My father spend nearly 25 years working for the same company being the #3 guy behind the father and son team. He was wholly invested personally and emotionally but never shared in the upside but also wasn’t given full authority  to make decisions.  He always told me — work for yourself and you will be the leader you want to be every day.  After 25 years, he finally took his own advice and is loving his new role.

But back to why I took this job.  The first reason was as I mentioned–I always planned on doing it.  My husband and I have been saving money and testing out business ideas but hadn’t yet made the plunge.  The second reason is that there is no perfect time to take a risk.

Yes – quitting my job on short notice was not ideal (I’m still very apologetic to my former employer for the sudden departure — certainly not recommended — but necessary because I knew that every minute counted to get the business to market faster).

Yes – the hours are long.

Yes – I don’t make as much money as I did before.

Yes – we’ve set big goals for ourselves that some days look impossible.  However, there isn’t  day that I don’t jump out of bed and am excited to see what’s in my email box.  I can’t wait to hear what the team has to say about partnerships, deals and events that they have planned.  I work with an amazing team and believe 100% in what we are doing.  This is the best job that I have ever had in my life!