By Moms, For Moms

I just returned from two weeks of travel visiting our local district nationwide and I think I have the best job in the world!  As I travel around the nation meeting with our District Representatives, I’m reminded about the power of “the mom”.  We have recruited hundreds of moms across the country to build Plum District in their local communities.  I love hearing their stories about their families and why they joined the Plum team.  These women are the core of our business — we are literally by moms, for moms.  They are sourcing the very best deals and building our subscribers while engaging parenting groups, local PR and non-profit organizations.  What’s amazing is that we’re basically paying these women to do what they doing anyway–spreading the word about the very best deals (both online and offline) and making their local communities a better place for their kids.  Many are looking for something to fill time and bring in extra dollars because their children are now back in school.  All have sales and marketing experience and are eager to start building their “plum” business.  In early September, we launched our affiliate program which is another way for local non-profits, schools and PTAs to earn money and partner with Plum District.  The response has been overwhelming and we already have 550+ affiliates signed up after a couple of weeks.  If you’re a mom and are looking to earn $$s–check out Plum District Jobs to learn more about our District Representative program.